Adding Fuel to the Fire

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused leftist Jewish billionaire George Soros of funding anti-government campaigns challenging Israel’s deportation of tens of thousands of illegal African infiltrators. Soros denied it. But he also denied grants to anti-Israel groups such as J Street and Adala—until DCLeaks posted several of his Open Society Foundations (OSF) documents online. The leaks revealed Soros’ plan to keep “a low public profile” on his Middle East investments to avoid investigation by “pro-Israel entities.”
But the leaks unveiled a bigger picture: His support of radical U.S. groups whose aim is to “influence American public opinion and government leaders on Middle East policy, and reduce support for Israel,” said Washington Times reporter Eli Lake. It includes pressuring Europe and America to “hold Israel accountable to its obligations under international law.”
President Donald Trump’s evenhanded support of the Jewish state may be a key reason Soros chose to blast him at an international venue in Davos, Switzerland. Soros was upbeat when Obama came to power, but he can’t control Trump, whom he denounced in Davos as “a danger to the world." OSF is funding more institutions in the US to assure a Democratic victory in November, he said.
Soros’ meddling in Israel’s affairs is channeled through his web of Arab and Israeli politicized “human rights” NGOS that serve to implement his larger strategy. These agencies delegitimize Israel, deny its sovereignty, and wage political and legal warfare and BDS, according to the NGO Monitor. Others (Mossawa, Mada al Carmel, and I’lam) criticize Israeli media for their coverage of the Nakba (an Arabic term meaning catastrophe or disaster used to describe the rebirth of Israel).
Soros bankrolls Israeli political opposition groups such as Yesh Din, Breaking the Silence, Molad and B’Tselem. Two Soros grantees—B’Tselem and Al Mezan—also get “substantial funding” from UNICEF, which, in concert with its affiliated NGOs, is spearheading a campaign to blacklist the IDF as a “grave” violator of children’s rights, the NGO Monitor said. This is not surprising, since the leftist agenda has long touted global disarmament, with the UN’s one world government holding supreme military control, according to the Jan. 10, 1963 Congressional Record.
Soros’ globalist agenda puts Israel’s African infiltrators into a broader perspective. Mass migration and open borders have been mainstays of the Left for decades. With globalism’s spread, open-borders advocates snowballed, with “hundreds of leftist organizations and tens of thousands of grassroots activists, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from big, tax-exempt leftwing foundations,” said William Hawkins and Erin Anderson. Enter the radically politicized NGO—which has taken a more central role in the context of porous borders and ebbing loyalties to the nation-state.
Under the guise of a human rights veneer, radical NGOs use politically correct doublespeak, with the goal of making over society in their leftist image, Hawkins and Anderson said.
Citizens’ pushback against the surge of refugees, immigrants and illegal aliens prompted the NGOs to develop a “countering strategy”—regimented legal and political tactics to “target, discredit and attack” whoever questions refugee resettlement, especially Muslim refugees, reporter James Simpson said.
There’s a method to globalist madness, Simpson said: “The Left’s goal is to build a permanent progressive majority ruling class. The open borders agenda is the perfect vehicle.” In America, that means “millions of needy poor become ‘bought and paid for Democrat voters’ once citizenship is obtained.” Simpson traces refugee resettlement to the U.N. plan to redistribute “not just wealth—but population and land.”
Globalists attack countries like Israel because Israel values its Jewish identity, sovereignty and borders—and knows its own defense forces are vital to its survival.
A recent altercation in France signals what the future could hold for countries that welcome open borders: “Hundreds of Africans and Asians armed with knives and iron rods fought running street battles in the northern port city of Calais on February 1, less than two weeks after French President Emmanuel Macron visited the area and pledged to crack down on illegal immigration. The clashes plunged Calais--emblematic of Europe’s failure to control mass migration — into a war zone and reinforced the perception that French authorities have lost control of the country’s security situation.”
Netanyahu is well aware of the threat. “Israel was the first country in the world to physically block entry of infiltrators,” he said. “Without building the fence we would easily have reached at least 100,000 a year— meaning … within a decade—the state would stop being the Jewish state.” And this is the crux of much of the tension in the Middle East - Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Behind the scenes and in plain sight, the Left is hard at work adding fuel to the fire and creating new hot spots hoping to burn Israel out of existence.