Fiddlers of Deception

The old phrase of “not being able to see the forest for the trees” is now a veritable truth when it comes to Western society and especially the United States. Identifying, or at least accurately naming, the source of terrorism seems to elude many in the United States. That old adage was often associated with a degree of levity however that “forest” now includes changes in law that are not so funny to millions of Americans. Allowing Sharia law to secure a foothold anywhere in the United States is a very serious mistake yet it is happening. Just ask Google. The liberal left is either unable or unwilling to name this cancer and exercise a cure and this could mean the downfall of our American way of life and the values and freedoms we embrace and enjoy.
The US president, thought by many to be a secret Muslim, has consistently failed to identify the numerous murders of innocent American civilians by terrorists who 1) are explicitly Muslim, and 2) avow their purpose of multiple murders to relate to Islam and/or some well-known group with a reputation for Jihad. Instead, the American president uses these despicable, brutal acts perpetrated on US soil to rant against a presidential candidate, make a case for gun control and threaten the free speech of American citizens. He also works hard trying to draw a distinction between home-grown terrorists and those who come from outside the United States but this is irrelevant.
The American public must rally against the poisonous ideology of the Orlando shooter and others who have clearly declared their evil actions as an expression of support for ISIS but instead America’s leaders seem to be making excuses glossing over the truth that Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam’s apparent friend in the White House uses every opportunity to divert the publics’ attention away from this truth by singing the praises of Islamic organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relation commonly referred to as CAIR. Established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America, this benevolent-sounding organization is directly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.
How does this relate to Israel? The Israelis have been warning America and the rest of the world for years that Islam is a serious danger and a threat to freedom and democracy but it has fallen on seemingly deaf ears. Seems the American president and the liberal left prefer to ignore the real problem and instead promote gun control as if guns are somehow responsible in and of themselves for murder and acts of terror. Let’s not forget that household pressure cookers have also been used to perpetrate acts of terror. Neither guns nor pressure cookers are responsible for assaulting anyone. It’s the acts of people who embrace evil ideologies that assault innocent people. Gun control will not stop terrorists who want to commit mass murder and, despite what President Obama says, climate change is not the number one threat to the world today.
It’s high time the leaders of the non-Muslim world identify and name the root of all acts of terror and it’s time for those Muslim leaders who claim that Islam is a religion of peace to speak out loudly against those who commit acts of terror in the name of Allah. In fact, it’s time they are prosecuted as being criminals instead of celebrated as martyrs.
Sadly, much of the world now understands that the American president has given Islam a free pass. His blindness and his unknown ideology remains unpredictable and therefore dangerous. On his watch there has been an increase in murders in major U.S. cities and race relations have taken a turn for the worst. Furthermore, the American-Israeli relationship is viewed as contentious at best. Truly the world is on fire yet the people are smiling and dancing as the fiddlers of deception play on.