Halt 'Christ at the Checkpoint.' It's fueling anti-Semitism.

The whole of the Christian church is comprised of many denominations and the Bible teaches that we are to be united in one body in order reflect the love of Christ to the world. While we do not have to be on the same page concerning methods and traditions of worships, we are to be united on at least the fundamentals of our faith but sadly we are quite divided. Many in mainstream churches have been deceived by teachers who have crept in unawares spreading false doctrine. The Bible warns that in ‘later times some will fall away from the faith paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.” Today this doctrine of demons is manifesting in the form of Replacement Theology and BDS against Israel.
As I pen this article the Christ at the Checkpoint conference is gathering steam and many C.I.N.Os (Christians in Name Only) are coming together in the very land where Jesus was born – where He was born to Jewish parents in a town called Bethlehem which is located in the land deeded to the Jews by God Himself but which is now occupied by Palestinians. Many of those gathering for this heretical conference have been duped into believing that God no longer considers the Jews His chosen people or Israel His special land. My Bible teaches that God made an eternal covenant with the Jewish people and eternal means forever. Those who embrace Replacement Theology have motives which are antithetical to the Word of God. The Bible describes these people as ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ who have taken great liberty in rewriting and wrongly interpreting the Bible to fit their anti-Semitic agendas. Why else would the organizers of this conference be holding it in the Palestinian occupied town of Bethlehem and actively promoting support for BDS campaigns against Israel? Those currently making news by joining their forces with those who have lined up against Israel are the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church (with some exceptions), the Mennonite Church USA, United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA and others.
Now I know that the Bible teaches that Christians are not to judge however it does give us great liberty to be ‘fruit inspectors.’ Even Jesus said in the Book of Matthew that we would know His people by their fruits. He goes on to warn in the very next sentence that, “Not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter in to the kingdom of Heaven.” Clearly Jesus is talking about C.I.N.Os (Christians in Name Only).
The organizers of the Christ at the Checkpoint conference have apparently not read the unedited version of The Holy Bible which has been unified in accuracy since the time Jesus was crucified by the Romans. The Christ at the Checkpoint conference is farcical of the first order. It is being falsely promoted as a conference for evangelical Christians by people with a political agenda who will answer to God Almighty for their misleading teachings. The Bible talks repeatedly about ‘the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom.’ The people organizing and attending this gathering are clearly off base, the educated ignorant who have no fear of the Lord. Not only are they ‘touching the apple of God’s eye’ but they are working hard attempting to poke it out.
Genuine Evangelical Christians are on guard against false teaching because we read the Bible for ourselves and believe it to be the inspired Word of God - absolutely true from cover to cover. If just one sentence is wrong then the whole book should be thrown away. If God cannot accurately record exactly what He meant then clearly He is not capable of being the Creator of the Universe and the Author and Giver of Life. Genuine Evangelical Christians are led by the Holy Spirit of God and not by the ideas of man. Replacement Theology is an anti-Semitic attitude born of jealousy and hatred which states that wherever God talks about Israel and the Jews He is really talking about Christians and the church. There is absolutely no place in the touchstone of Christianity, the Holy Bible, asserting the doctrinal position of the church replacing Israel. Being a doctrine, a belief with no factual basis, means that it was made-up. Something made-up is as malleable as one wants to make it in order to support a contrary position.
As long as there are those willing to ascribe to an agenda not based on fact, why not start a ‘Peter Pan the Palestinian’ at the Checkpoint conference? It will give the believers something to do and maybe shed a tear or two because the young Palestinian boy named Peter has to go through a checkpoint brought about by terrorism, brutality and murder instigated and perpetuated by a clearly defined segment of a hostile population.