Hamas Hijacks Christian Charity

Following the Israeli investigation of Mohammed El Halabi for being a terrorist, it was disclosed that El Halabi had been a life-long member of the Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. Why is this important? Because El Halabi is World Vision’s director of their Gaza branch. While in detention, El Halabi reportedly confessed that in 2004 he was tasked by Hamas to “infiltrate an international aid organization and exploit its resources.” It was learned in the investigation that El Halabi was diverting tens of millions of dollars annually to the militant arm of Hamas to fund military salaries, dig tunnels to terrorize Israel and buy arms. It was also learned that high ranking Hamas officials had been pilfering money for themselves. Is anyone really surprised?
World Vision is one of the largest charitable Christian organizations in the world. It is based in the USA and has been supposedly serving the world’s poor and needy since 1950. World Vision raises millions upon millions of dollars annually from well-meaning donors.
The people of Gaza are in need of humanitarian aid but it’s because their government is top-heavy with corruption. Those who need the aid are receiving barely a fraction of what is being reported to the world. Based on this report, it is very likely that many unsuspecting charities are funding terrorism instead of feeding the poor. Yet, in spite of there being a serious humanitarian need in Gaza, Hamas is siphoning funds and is also reported to be providing a safe haven and medical aid for ISIS members. Hamas, the government of the Palestinians living in Gaza, is sending out mixed signals to the world and Israel seems to be the only country which recognizes this and is not afraid to act. The rest of us are being duped.
Since it is now known that Hamas has successfully infiltrated a well-known Christian charity such as World Vision and diverted significant amounts of financial resources into the hands of terrorists, are we in the United States so naïve as to think that those NGOs - those humanitarian aid organizations contracted by the U.S. government to resettle Syrian refugees into quiet, suburban communities often under the cover of darkness and to the reported tune of $1,000.00 per person - have not also been infiltrated by terrorists such as ISIS? The U.S. government is actually relying on these NGOs to perform background checks and fully vet the refugees. Talk about the “fox guarding the hen house!” It’s hard to believe but it’s true. The mainstream media in the United States is not reporting on this but the information is readily available on the internet from very credible international news sources. We need to cast a wary eye on these “charities” otherwise we will be complicit in the demise of America as we know it. World Vision was blindsided. How many others? It seems impossible that El Halabi could have been acting alone. A large organization such as World Vision has accountants and bookkeepers and checks and balances in place. El Halabi had to have been very crafty otherwise how could they not have known something was amiss when there was no appreciable change in the living conditions of the Palestinians despite having been given huge sums of money for humanitarian aid? Perhaps there are more infiltrators at the top of the corporate chain in this charity and if here, then surely also in others. Hamas was simply given huge sums of money without any accountability. Although Hamas is the recognized government of the Palestinians living in Gaza, it is also a recognized terrorist organization and by definition any terrorist organization is a criminal organization. Who would expect any terrorist organization to provide truthful accountability even if asked to do so? For this reason, how could World Vision have so naively provided humanitarian funds without proper investigation of its resource allocations? Is the U.S. government guilty of the same lack of oversight?
All charities and especially those operating under the Christian banner have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to handle donor funds with the utmost care and prudence. World Vision’s antennae should have been raised from the beginning. The people they were trusting are Islamists; a group that is steeped in Islam’s code of conduct which “allows” the criminal activity of stealing and lying when doing so to an infidel. Who is an infidel? Anyone who is not Muslim. Infidels may be lied to and stolen from with impunity and if Islam will ultimately benefit from such immoral and criminal behavior, then such behavior is even encouraged. Shocking but true and it is common knowledge around the world but those who live in the West seem to be “thick-headed.” We tend to think that everyone is playing from the same set of rules and with the same moral standards and values and this will be our downfall.
Fundamental Islamic organizations operate like well-oiled machines. They have a plan to conquer and establish a world-wide caliphate and they are at work everywhere putting their plan into action – even in small town, Middle America. News such as Hamas hijacking a well-meaning humanitarian organization will not be embarrassed by this discrediting revelation. The only lessons they and others like them will learn is to be better practiced and more clandestine in the art of deception.