“Just say NO” to Islamic terror

Have we in the West lost our way? Do we even know anymore who we are as Americans? Do we still hold ourselves as solid allies of Israel--the only true democracy in the Middle East? Do we not understand that Muslims do not embrace our Western values no matter how ‘moderate’ they claim to be?
Most of the world possesses only a media-fed and therefore shallow, surface understanding, of the Middle East and the true nature of Islam. Because of this ignorance we lack clear conviction. This makes it impossible for us to take a strong stand. It’s time for a deep system scan and thorough cleansing.
Like a computer, the Western world is being quietly infiltrated and silently infected by viruses and malware coming at us in the form of ‘radical’ Islam. Left unchecked, viruses and malware wreck havoc on computers and ultimately crash the system. Is this what we are waiting for before we “Just say NO” to radical Islam?
Israel has been sounding the alarm for a very long time, but no one seems to have been listening. In fact, the world seems more willing to surrender our Western values than to act with conviction and certainty against the Islamic invasion. Just as cancer uses our own body systems to destroy us, so Islam is using our social, political and judicial systems against Western civilization.
If we wait much longer to stem the rising tide of Islamic extremism, we will lose our voice altogether, and possibly our lives, and our children’s futures. We will become helpless mutes while Muslims shout their battle cry, “Allahu Akbar,” from every once quiet and peaceful city and town around the globe.
Freedom of speech is a fundamental Western value which must be preserved and protected if we are to sustain our traditional Judeo-Christian values and democratic system of governance for which so many brave men and women fought and died on domestic and foreign shores. In the Middle East, freedom of speech is embraced only by Israel. In France, Charlie Hebdo paid a heavy price to exercise their freedom of speech.
However, the deaths of those brave souls will not have been in vain if the tragedy serves to wake up and galvanize France and the entire world to stand strong and united with true conviction in defense of democracy which includes free speech. Lack of true conviction creates a vacuum in which evil quickly steps.
Many well-known public figures are making noise in the media about how we must exercise sensitivity to the feelings and religious beliefs of Muslims. In a recent statement, even the Pope used the analogy that if you insult his mother, he will punch you in the nose. He and Jimmy Carter must share the same lopsided scale and both are way off balance. In truth, to suffer an insult is never a justification for violence.
The Jews have been insulted for centuries, but have rarely lashed out in violent acts of retaliation. Christ is insulted repeatedly in Hollywood where His name is often used as a curse word. Christians have been insulted to the point whereby some degenerate, so-called ‘artist,’ put a cross inside a jar of urine and it was displayed as ‘art.’
Were we insulted?
To our very core!
Did Christians go on a rampage of terror?
Insults happen in a world that embraces freedom of speech. It is time to stop appeasing Muslims. When their feelings get hurt, they need to deal with it peacefully and move on perhaps taking a lesson from Dr. Martin Luther King who encouraged peaceful demonstrations.
The world must stop being concerned with soothing hurt feelings of Muslims and appeasing their sensitivities as a means to avoid violence. We should, as a civilized people, be courteous and sensitive to the feelings of others, but not out of fear. While we should remain sensitive as a result of good manners, not coercion, we should also expect, no, we should demand, the same from our Muslim neighbors.
So, Muhammad was insulted. It happens to all of us, but that is not a license to commit acts of violence or murder, although this is exactly what many Muslims believe. Recently Hezbollah stated that any provocation of Muslim feelings justifiably contributes to terrorism.
How has Israel managed to live among such people whose values are so convoluted? To think that mature Muslim adults are offended by cartoon drawings is quite ironic, because they don’t seem to give a second thought to strapping an explosive device around an innocent child to commit mass murder against Israelis on buses, in shopping malls or in a French Kosher deli.
Israel has been on the front lines of a political, religious and ideological battle with her neighbors since she became a nation in 1948. Israel has been warning the world of the dangers of radical Islam, but it took the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to get our attention. Even the horrors of 9-11 are becoming distant memory. History does repeat itself. With France having the largest number of Muslims in Western Europe (European Union), is it too late for her to turn back? I pray not. The free world must stand united.
The free world must stand against those who desire to change Western culture with the strategy of taking away our freedoms, trampling on our Judeo-Christian values and terrorizing us into converting to Islam. We cannot “love them” out of this strategy.
If democracy, including freedom of speech, is something you desire to preserve, protect and defend, then say this with absolute conviction, “Oui! Je suis Charlie!”