Left-Wingers Succeed In Splitting Israel's Coalition

It is official. The current government in Israel is dissolving. An early election has been set for March 2015. As one of the tens of millions of Evangelical Christians who stand fervently with Israel and her citizens, it brings much relief to finally see Prime Minister Netanyahu fire the two leading left-wing ministers, who continually and loudly oppose him, in his cabinet – Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. These two have appeared to want their names in the headlines more than establishing unity within the coalition. The Prime Minister’s firing of Lapi and Livni sends a loud and clear message that he is more determined to tackle issues facing Israel than in pacifying media seekers within his coalition.
There are many examples of how both Lapid and Livni attempted to undermine Netanyahu’s position on Iran, opposing the PM’s position on declaring Israel a Jewish state, and building in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem that are over the pre-1967 border.
Livni went so far as to violate a security cabinet decision by meeting in secret with PA chairman Abu Mazen following his agreement to form a unity government with the terrorist organization Hamas. Her anti-Israel actions did not stop there. Livni opposed the PM’s position on the Iranian nuclear negations, criticized the PM for agreeing to housing construction beyond the Green line and vehemently opposing the PM as he called for a bill in the Knesset to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Like clockwork, Livni would rush straight to the media to voice her opposition rather than trying to quietly resolve her concerns with the Prime Minister. Since the coalition was formed two years ago, Livni’s contribution to the coalition has amounted to nothing more than loudly creating dissension. Clearly she is a loose cannon and an embarrassment to the State of Israel.
One would think with practically the entire world against Israel, Livni and Lapid would have been more discreet in airing disagreements with the Prime Minister. It appears they were using their portfolios to advance their personal agendas. Being a member of the coalition does elevate one’s stature with the press and both Lapid and Livni have taken full advantage of their positions to attempt to discredit Netanyahu and advance their own agendas. It is time for the world to see a strong coalition standing as one under G-d, undivided.
While we Evangelical Christians don’t vote or pay taxes in Israel, we passionately support Israel because of our Biblical roots. We infuse millions of dollars into Israel to support various projects and we speak out loudly to the international community in defense of Israel. We believe that what the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob says in the Bible and Torah should be the foundation upon which the government of Israel stands. Those serving in the coalition should know that.
G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jew and not the Arabs. Dissenters in the coalition who disagreed with the Prime Minister’s position that Israel should be a Jewish state need to brush up on what the Word of G-d says. The Bible is the greatest history book available of Israel and the Jewish people. If they still disagree, then they should resign.
Where are the people like Ben Gurion who stood up and demanded a state for the Jews? Right now the only ‘Ben Gurion’ we Christians see is BiBi Netanyahu. G-d bless Israel.