Obama Seeking Legacy at the Expense of Israel

U.S. President Barak Obama is in frantic mode to nail down securely his bucket list of legacy items in the last few months of his presidency. Right up there with his Iran nuclear deal would be a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. I find myself very suspicious that Palestinian terror, murder and maiming of Israelis have declined recently. I don’t think it is by chance. Something is brewing under the table.
Recently Abbas made news with an outward bid for peace but he did not include any meetings with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Abbas is not suddenly seeking peace because of a newly acquired soft heart. He has been working behind the scenes with the EU’s Head of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy along with others representing the EU. He met with U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden. French President Francois Hollande earlier made public statement that Palestine should be recognized as a state if talks fail. It is unknown who influenced him to do so, though he did meet very recently with President Obama.
Then there’s the legacy President Obama desperately wants to leave. While outwardly he admits that it is very unlikely any Israeli-Palestinian peace deal will happen during his presidency, he continues to do what he can to wrangle a solution. Even if not during his watch, he will keep trying through channels at the United Nations where there is far less resistance to his cunning as he continues trying to force a peace deal. If he achieves any sort of peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, such a legacy would be greater than that of his nuclear deal with the giant terror state of Iran.
The president certainly has thrown Israel under the bus – though the American people did not. It may be feasible that the president would throw Israel further under the bus. The Iranian nuclear deal fostered by Obama places the Jewish State into a worsened state, if there is such a level, of permanent position of functional military stance. It is not that Israel had not already been in a position of military readiness. The deal with Iran did seal such a military posture that Israel cannot afford to make mistakes and very well may have to act instantly against Iran on any negative military intelligence.
When it comes to U.S. military aid to Israel, Israel wants the most it can get. Hence, the Prime Minister is holding out from accepting the U. S. President’s offer of 3 billion dollars over the next ten years. Israel wants to see what the next president will offer its ‘ally’ though President Obama is pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept the amount using the bribe that he will not get a better deal. The president wants him to accept the money because once he has the prime minister in his back pocket, he can make his move to seal his ‘legacy’ of peace in the Middle East perhaps by using force.
Here is how he’s going to do it. First, find some human rights violations against Israel. He is already doing some searching through the cronyism of using his friend, Senator Patrick Leahy and ten other ‘good ole boys.’ They signed the letter Senator Leahy sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding alleged human rights violations by Israel. This will get the onus off of Obama.
Never mind the gross human rights violations perpetrated by Israel’s neighbors such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and several others including countries in Africa. But Obama has no worries. The bloc voting against Israel from the United Nations Muslim countries and the EU will cover Obama’s multitude of sins against Israel.
If Obama can find, or fabricate, enough against Israel then he and the EU will blackmail Netanyahu in to giving up (more) territory for ‘peace’ promising that the human rights violations which they conjured up and nailed to Israel’s doorposts will be ‘overlooked.’
If Obama cannot dig up enough to back-stab Netanyahu, he will hold out until he gets into the UN (as reported that he might) to take over when Ban Ki-Moon leaves office at the end of the year. Then he will use all the manpower he can muster among the many Israel haters to make a case against the Jewish state. The issue of Israel will then appear to have been resolved with diplomacy but in reality with the malignancy of evil itself.
Let’s face it. Obama wants a legacy and any kind of ‘peace’ with Israel and the Palestinians would make him the grandmaster of Middle East ‘deals.’ With Obama in the UN as secretary general, he might even make Iran behave using the leverage of his office and backing by the remainder of the Muslim states and the EU.
All of this is conjecture of course, but something clearly is brewing.