Obama’s Secret Refugee Plan – A Danger to US and to Israel.

Israel’s leaders are exercising great wisdom by not taking in migrant refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East where there is chaos and turmoil. It’s not that they don’t have a heart for people who are suffering. In fact, just the opposite. Israel is providing aid to refugees by taking it to them in the form of medical care, food, clothing, shelter and psychological counseling. Why isn’t Israel opening its doors and letting refugees in to Israel? It’s because Israel has her hands full taking care of her ongoing problems with terrorists who are her neighbors. This is precisely what most in the United States hope for i.e. a stop to immigration of incompletely unvetted immigrants. We see the writing on the wall regarding these immigrants and refugees but are powerless to stop it having a narcissistic president whose policies remain an enigma to most. Perhaps we should change our national anthem to Israel’s HaTikva during this year of new presidential selection.
Tens of thousands of migrant refugees from war pocked areas of the Middle East have already arrived on American soil and more are expected. Without any history other than what the refugees themselves convey to the processing agencies, proper vetting is virtually impossible. ISIS has been recommending that one of the easiest ways to get through the immigration process is for Muslim refugees to falsely claim they are Christians. ISIS sympathizers who are attempting to enter the U.S. and other Western countries have even been instructed to wear crosses and shave their beards in order to look the part. Apparently immigration processing agencies acknowledge that Christians cause less trouble than other religious groups.
Equally disconcerting is the proliferation of fake passports. This is a serious threat in the immigration process contributing to the complexity of taking in strangers with unknown and unverifiable histories with possibly hazardous agendas detrimental to Americans and the values we embrace.
Another ISIS tactic is to send their followers in as university students in order to spread dissident propaganda to naïve American students regarding Arabs, Muslims, and the true nature of Islam and to perpetuate untruths and half-truths about Israel and the Jewish people. It’s outrageous that the U.S. President, speaking at a press conference on the inadequacy of the government’s capabilities in performing thorough background checks on gun buyers, is able to speak freely of the safety and security of the background checks when vetting refugees and foreign students. If he is dissatisfied with background checks on American citizens buying guns, how can he possibly be so self-assured of his State Department having a background check system in place that is thorough and reliable when it comes to investigating refugees and others? How can he boldly tell the American people that background checks are sound for vetting unknown refugees yet claim the system is flawed when it comes to American gun buyers?
The two immigrants from Iraq found after the San Bernardino massacre are a case in point each of whom were planning their own attacks in the western region United States. President Obama was asked by certain U.S. Congressional leaders to temporarily halt the immigration process for refugees until the vetting system could be shored up but to no avail. The immigration (infiltration) continues.
The vetting process aside, the secrecy of refugee migration into the US is disturbing. Tens of thousands of refugees have entered the United States yet even the media is having difficulty tracking and reporting on the process and the exact numbers and their settlement locations are largely a mystery. Refugee placement seems to be happening incognito. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are aware of these refugees coming into their states however they are unable to vouch for their numbers or their whereabouts.
The U.S. federal government seems to be using Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as cover. Some of these NGOs have religious sounding names and have received millions of dollars in government funds to bring in these refugees, fly them to various parts of the country and register them for social welfare benefits through the respective Departments of Social Services (DSS) in each respective state. Once accomplished, these NGOs seem to drop off the scene leaving the states to take care of these people. This is how refugees are getting in under the radar screen of the FBI and other government agencies charged with oversight and homeland protection and without the consent of state leadership. This is how Governor Haley of South Carolina heard about them in her state and likely why Governor Christie could not give a number or the whereabouts of refugees in his state. It’s a clever and clandestine way for the federal government to get them in to the United States and at the same time keep their hands clean. It’s practically criminal. No, it is criminal.
In this day and age of unpredictable mass terror, Israel has the best policy and that is to provide aid to the migrant refugees but do so outside of Israel’s borders. This is a United Nations problem not to be shoveled into other countries causing sweeping changes to the demographics and culture of those countries along with documented upsurges in criminal activity. Israel seems to be the only sane country in the world whose leaders are acting and making decision in the best interest of her own citizens. We need the President of the United States to do the same – put the best interest of the American people above his own sympathies for Muslim refugees. So why is Obama’s immigration plan for Muslim refugees a danger to both the United States and Israel? Because eventually these Muslim refugees will gain legal status and voting rights in the United States and their values are not in line with our Judeo-Christian values. Freedom and democracy will be concepts read about in history books and the United States could cease to be Israel’s friend and ally which I pray with all my heart will never happen.