Shameful anti-Semitic posture of America’s Duke University

Like so many of America's universities, North Carolina's Duke University began with a strong Judeo-Christian foundation. But, also like many of those universities, Duke has strayed from its original values. In 2004 Duke raised eyebrows for sponsoring a Palestinian Solidarity Movement conference.
As one might imagine, the movement promoted divestment from Israel and supported the outrageous claim that "Zionism is racism." The conference sold T-shirts calling for the destruction of Israel.
When Jewish students criticized the anti-Semitic nature of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, they were accused for wanting to silence free speech. An article ran in the student newspaper entitled, "The Jews," which suggested that there were too many Jews at Duke. Not surprisingly, some Jewish students left Duke in disgust.
But Duke's anti-Semitic head bobbed up again last month. The school announced that they were going to begin broadcasting the daily Muslim call to prayer from the campus chapel bell tower. According to one university official, this decision "represents a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke's mission." I doubt that Duke's Methodist founders would agree with such a new and distorted mission.
One man who did not agree with Duke's decision is the Reverend Franklin Graham, son of the internationally renowned Christian evangelist, the Reverend Billy Graham. Reverend Franklin Graham said, "As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who does not submit to their Muslim law, Duke is promoting this ideology in the name of religious pluralism." Graham urged donors and alumni to withhold their support.
A number of Duke students also carried out a campus protest demonstration. Another anti-Semitic controversy erupted at Duke University a few years ago, when university officials used the excuse of "scheduled renovations" to refuse the Chick-Fil-A restaurant a contract to operate a franchise on the Duke campus.
The university was quick to disassociate itself from the Christian views of the restaurant's CEO claiming they did not want to offend those of other religions. But then the university turns around and embraces the call to prayer of a religion that leads the world in religious persecution, hatred, violence and murder. And officials at Duke think nobody is offended by this? We must not forget that radical Muslims consider Israel and America as enemies.
They are at war with us even if we don't believe we are at war with them. They have labeled the United States as "the Great Satan" and Israel as "the Little Satan." They have publicly stated their intentions to infiltrate and militarily destroy both. They hope to establish a world-wide Islamic caliphate and have unashamedly announced that their guidebook, the Koran, gives them the right to kill all "infidels." In other words, to kill all who do not adhere to Islam. That, of course, includes all Christians and all Jews – me and you.
Duke University later reversed its decision about broadcasting the Muslim prayer calls from the campus chapel tower. Thanks to the protests, Duke officials finally either saw the light or felt the pressure. Then, too, it was great to see the four-million-man anti-terrorism march in Paris last month.
We were wondering if the world was ever going to stop appeasing the Muslims and start putting up the proper and necessary defenses against this militant, treasonous and murderous religion which has now crept over much of the world. It appears the only way to stop this evil is by force since radical Muslims seem to understand only power and might. Remember, Islam is known as "the religion of the sword."
The nations of the world have the power to stop militant Islam in its tracks if they would only make the difficult decisions to go ahead and use power and force.
So far they have been reluctant to take action but the dangers the world is facing from radical Islam are very real and are continuing to grow while we all stand by and watch.