The Master Manipulator and Gifted Deceiver

It’s an understatement to say that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is playing world leaders as total fools. A long time ago he learned to use the Muslim tactic of patience which is something unknown to the West. Both he and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, became PR experts as evidenced by their ability to stay in the news. Seems all they have to do is turn down every peace deal presented to them, throw in an intifada or two along with murderous car rammings and stabbings and the media will label their crimes as part of their ‘struggle for independence’ making them seem oppressed and fighting for a noble cause. Yes, Arafat and Abbas are two peas created from the same a pod.
By not negotiating for peace with Israel while the Middle East as a whole reels in turmoil, the world with its disinformation blames the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for all the troubles in the region. Never mind that the Arab Spring which sprung first in Tunisia spreading to Egypt and other countries in the Middle East began from a situation entirely different and completely separate from the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
When it comes to geopolitical borderlines, admittedly Israel has the upper hand right now but this came about after relentless battles defending itself from unremitting, attacking Arabs and then the big war in 1967 and again in 1973. Seems the world lacks short range and medium range memory.
I know I’m preaching to the choir here but in yet another appeasement for peace, Israel gave the pre-built and very modern city of Gaza turn-key style to the Palestinians. In return Israel received from the Palestinians 12,000 to 15,000 rocket attacks. The world seems to have a blind eye to this with its disorder of selective amnesia. We won’t even discuss the tunnels.
So, as Abbas plays the strings of world leaders who are useful to his cause, he always manages to squeeze plenty of tears and much sympathy as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas claim oppression which, of course, influences world opinion.
So, with the world unjustly against Israel, the UN and others are using a peculiar tactic of ‘forced peace’ on Israel. It shuns Israel through BDS movements, allows unfair bloc voting at the United Nations, appoints hypocritical leadership in various United Nations councils and, in the case of the Vatican, automatically grants Palestinian statehood without negotiations which thrills the master manipulator, Mahmoud Abbas a.k.a Abu Mazen.
Recently there were thousands of protesters in Washington D.C. whose strings were being pulled by the Palestinian Authority as they demonstrated outside of the AIPAC conference hall representing several pro-Palestinian groups and successfully making news. This long-armed maneuver helps to ensure the Palestinian name remains in the forefront of the world’s attention.
I believe in free speech which is what the protesters and demonstrators were exercising however free speech ends with physical violence and disturbing the peace. The mess in Washington D.C. was compounded by the political dissension of certain U.S. presidential nominees making the United States appear to the world to have regressed to the status of a third world country.
This would be a good time for that master manipulator Abbas to again threaten to end security coordination with Israel. After all, he needs more money. Currently the U.S. is withholding $159 million dollars in aid to the PA to start negotiations with Israel. At least the U.S. has not yet caved to Abbas’ string-pulling.
But, like a puppet, the European Union is lifting its legs with each pull of the string and marching to the drummer of the fake threat to stop the security coordination. It seems that only three entities in the news recognize the ignorance of such a move and one of those is Abbas himself. The outcome would likely result in his fall from power and world grace should the Palestinian Authority carry out such a threat.
Israel is minding its own business while the world is nosing around in Israel’s business. It’s long past time for the world to leave Israel to handle her own negotiations with the Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly declared to the world that he is ready and willing to sit down and talk with Abbas at any time. The world must stop being deceived by Abbas’ smiling face which is hiding the evil that lurks within.