Time to get tough

Picture the scene, after spending time engaged on reconnaissance of an IDF base in the West Bank Palestinian terrorists breach the defences of that base and make their attack. The alarm is soon raised and soldiers pour out of their barracks opening fire. No one says a word against their deaths, they invaded an Israeli army base, there is no doubt as to whether opening fire was the action needed in order to repel the terrorists.
Early on the 13th of December as many as 50 settlers broke into the Efraim Regional HQ with sabotage on their minds. They succeeded in their efforts and according to the JPost only one was arrested. Naturally when it is 50 Jews invading an Israeli Army base, humiliating the entire IDF in the process no one lifts a finger. How is it possible that of 50 infiltrators only one was detained? If these were Palestinians they would have been shot at and rightly so.
The IDF looks ridiculous every time there is a base invasion and guess what? The Palestinians are watching. They are scratching their heads in disbelief thinking “if we knew it was this easy we would have been blowing up your bases years ago”. Incursions into IDF bases are destroying the myths surrounding our armed forces and for what?
Is this the way that things are going to be now? Is this how it is in the West bank? Does anarchy now rule? I woke up to these headlines and am in a state of shock. Is the IDF so incompetent, so weak, so afraid that when people invade it''s bases they don’t even get arrested? The only message this attack sends is that if you are a settler and angry you can behave with absolute impunity.