Israeli start-up launches one of fastest funded Kickstarter projects ever

Oded Sharon and co-founder Oran Bar-Tal are the founders of Adventure Mob- an awesome Israeli start up which creates, publishes and distributes adventure games on multiple platforms.  They are currently Kickstarting a great new project which is a remake of the classic “Leisure Suit Larry.”
They are collaborating with the original (and legendary) designer Al Lowe and Replay Games and adding in some Israeli ingenuity and start up energy.
For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a great way to get funds for creative new projects that people love but don’t necessarily catch the eyes of investors.  It is the gold standard in today’s “crowd funding” for projects because they screen every project and only allow in the best ones.  This gaming company is kicking a$$ with one of the fasted funded Israeli projects of all time- raising over $100,000 in the first day. 
"We have a lot of faith in this project and the fans who want to play it " said Oded Sharon, CEO of Adventure Mob, "after trying to raise money for over a year, we decided to let our audience be part of the funding of this game.”
The thing about Kickstarter is that you need to get ALL of the money you need- and they need $500,000 or you get NOTHING.  They now have almost $400,000 but they are not there yet (no pressure…)
Kickstarter works by having people make pledges- and the project creators give rewards in exchange.  Pledges for Leisure Suit Larry start at $15 where you get a download for the game as soon as it is out but for $5000 where you get the “Naked Edition”- which means you get featured in the game and for $10,000 they will fly you out to Seattle for a day with Al Lowe who will apparently be signing “anything you want, besides IRS forms and blank checks”.

So if you want to see more Israeli start up awesomeness and you love gaming- go kickstart some creativity with Leisure Suit Larry


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