Sex, drugs, and the fashion dummy

I have gotten a lot of feedback since writing my last post, and it has mostly been that light up pacifiers at raves (fashion dummies) are for people who are rolling, and by rolling they mean taking ecstasy, and by taking ecstasy they mean kids taking whatever they get from their friend who got some pills from a guy they know. (scary right?)
I missed the 90′s rave scene completely, apparently, that is why I had no idea that pacifiers have been part of the clubbing scene for a long time now. I have been told (now by numerous people) that when people take ecstasy they like to suck on things (feel free to insert perverse joke here- because I am not going to go there…).
Here is a short video of the fashion dummy in action:
My first question of course is why not a candy or even a cigarette which would be more, well, adult. And going out to clubs and doing drugs seems like a kind of grown up thing to do- but lets put that to rest because, we all know its not true. We are not talking about adults, we are talking about kids. “Kandi Kids” who are just leaving behind their childhood and mixing it in an odd and creepy way with sexuality. Apparently, there is a kind of peace, love and color ideology which I must admit that I don’t really get. In a way though, I think I get the confusion. It doesn’t surprise me that this all started in the 90′s with a generation that still hasn’t grown up.
Want to learn more? Watch this informative video “How to Be a Raver” Watch at your own risk because I found the soundtrack so annoying I could barely get through it.
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This is just for laughs from a facebook friend: Diaper time