American oil tycoons invested in the film Wonder Woman

The Koch Brothers, the famously conservative business family, invested heavily into the film Wonder Woman starring Israeli actress Gal GadotAn investment that has been paying off in a big way. 
According to Hollywood Reporter, Steve Mnuchin, President Trump’s current treasure secretary, brought in David and Charles Koch as early private investors for one of Hollywood’s most underrated financial successes. They would also go on to invest in a few of the summer’s biggest blockbusters including Dunkirk. 

The Koch Brothers are conservative heavyweights that are notoriously involved in right wing American politics in attempts to further their fracking business. It is a bit of a strange bedfellow to see them so comfortably involved in liberal Hollywood but this is a much healthier industry for us all. 


The Koch Brothers own over 80% of Koch Industries, a company that has made its success in fossil fuels and fertilizers. They are known throughout the United States for their ten year lobbying against environmental protection.


When Koch Industries donates to a political campaigns then they do so with a specific goal to control the speaking points of the politicians. However, the investment in the films came with no strings attached. It has been a very successful investment much more than the money spent on Mitt Romney's run for president.