Jerusalemites: Faygie's and Ilana's story

Faygie and Ilana come from America.
They have come to Jerusalem for the year to study at seminary.

"We love living in Jerusalem this year, studying Jewish texts and ideas and learning so much about our Jewish heritage in the land where it all started. Everything here is an experience, a Chavayah, and by opening our eyes to these opportunities, we've continued to have incredible and life changing experiences here. 

One of our first experiences riding the inner-city buses in Jerusalem was one we will never forget. The bus driver stopped for an unusually long time at the bus stop, and everyone on the bus was wondering why. We looked around, only to find that the bus driver was no longer sitting in his seat and the key was no longer in the ignition. What happened? The bus driver, one of the passengers noticed, had stopped the bus and had gotten off with a blind passenger to help him cross the street. What an incredible act of kindness that you would not find most other places in the world."