Jerusalemites: Shahar's story

Shahar has a big family. They have lived in the Old City for about 40 years. He has eight children and because I miss my family he offered me to be his 9th child.
Shahar: “Our religion starts with Abraham. Abraham married two women: Sarah and Hajar. After he married Hajar he moved to Saudi Arabia. Hajar gave birth to Ishmael. Abraham took them and left Haajar and her child in an isolated place in a desert called Makkah. They were very thirsty and because there was no water, they started looking for it. Abraham talks to God and God responds to Abraham to leave his famil in this place. Haajar walkis seven times looking for water and water comes from the ground… and at the place Abraham and his son Ishmael constructed the Kaaba in Mecca. Allah commends him to build in Makkah the first House for the worship of Allah. This place is very holy for us. (Shahar is showing me Mecca on TV). The oldest place where God created the world and where he comes from heaven. People walk seven times in the circle as  Hajar, the wife of Abraham walked in search of water”.