Jerusalemites: Sharon's story

Sharon runs Soramelo. I was enchanted by his place filled with love and passion for food. Waffles are made by his own invention that's why they come out as a piece of art.

“I opened up “Soramelo” one-and-a-half years ago. At it's beginning we only sold waffles and there was a stand outside. Then there was a big snow in Jerusalem and it was so cold to be outside so we opened the inside part of this place. We offer fresh and sweet food (waffles) and we have 32 kinds of only Israeli beer. Our specialty is to match “your beer to your waffle”. When people are introduced to this idea, they say that it’s a genius concept and a very tasty one. Me and my sister have been cooking all our lives. We are on a constant innovation mode. People who come here can tell you that there is always something new which isn’t included on the menu. We create everything on our own. We look for inspirations from every corner of the world. Our goal is to host everybody because we are a very simple, small and intimate place. People sit here and become a part of our small world, a scene of our simple world. There’s a story line to everything we make. You can enjoy every bite, every sip, every moment… of our specialties. Pastry is a science of the heart, you have to follow a recipe but you can always add something “yours” in it. We try to create a familiar atmosphere that’s why it attracts people of all kinds. On our human level we are all the same, we all have a chocolate dripping from our mouths.”