She ordered a burger

She stopped to get a bite, and ordered a burger with all the trimmings - it looked and smelled SO DELICIOUS. She was ravenous, and as she bit into the juicy sandwich, her tooth hit against something hard. It felt like a metal object!!So she spit it all into her napkin in order to see what it was. LO and BEHOLD - it was a DIAMOND ring!
She called the waitress over to report this ridiculous situation, but when the girl saw the ring, she began to WEEP severely and somewhat hysterically. She couldn''t stop!
Apparently, the girl had been engaged to the cook in the restaurant. They had had a HUGE fight. She threw her ring at him, accusing him of flirting with one of the customers (she hadn''t realized that the customer had been his COUSIN, whom he hadn''t seen in years).
He was so angry at her for her lack of trust in him, that he took the ring, buried it deep inside the chopped sirloin AND abruptly QUIT his job and left town.
This had happened only yesterday.
Saddled with this miserable story, and no longer hungry, she hugged the girl, left a tip anyway and went home.
Ahhhh, THE HUMAN BEING. So breakable.