So...Bin Laden dead (Is it REALLY OVER?)

and of course, people are dancing on GROUND ZERO...
and celebrating this monster''s demise...
(not to mention the fact that HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY falls at the same moment...)
(I''ll get back to that!)
What does this mean?
this destruction of a man who sought to OBLITERATE us from this earth...
''Us'' being Americans...Israelis...Jews...etc.
We FINALLY GOT him some 10 YEARS after the fact...
What do we really know of the ''goings on'' with his disciples, cells, etc?
Do we have any information?
Why did this take SO LONG?
How many followers did the man have?
It is SO TYPICAL of Americans to rush to the conclusion that IT''S ALL OVER NOW...
when, in point of fact,
it was THIS very CAVALIER attitude of ours that got us here in the first place!!
What happens now?
OBAMA becomes the HERO?
OSAMA becomes the MARTYR?
Why are their names so eerily similar?
Is it at ALL possible that there''s some GRANDSTANDING going on here?
Who are the villains NOW?
What are the similarities between HITLER and BIN LADEN?
Is it a coincidence that it ALL happens on the same day?
Is there a DIVINE MESSAGE that we''re missing?
Chew on that for a bit...
and get back to me...