Three weeks? Yes just Three weeks

During the last three weeks, I published three blogs (here, here and here) that rubbished the Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) idiots who insist on shooting themselves in the foot by refusing any of Israel’s medical innovations.  I have just looked back at what Israelis have been working on in all areas over the last three weeks and I can hardly believe that so much has been achieved.  So let me bring you up to date on just the medical and clean technology advances.

In medical news, we heard that the technique treating cancer conceived 30 years ago by Weizmann’s Zelig Eshhar is now curing patients across the USA.  Other related Israeli innovations include:
-         A medication to prevent women’s ovaries being damaged during chemotherapy.
-         A new probe with two cameras that can detect cancerous polyps in the colon.
-         A derivative of an Israeli mushroom that appears to be effective against pancreatic cancer.
Concerning the brain:
-         Tel Aviv University researchers have invented a gel and implant to repair damaged nerves
-         Ben Gurion University’s future CARES center will boost its top research into stress-related illness.
-         Israel’s Reuth Center is using a computerized shoe to teach people with brain damage how to walk again
 Heart-warming news includes:
-         Discovery at Hadassah Medical Center of an area of the body that can grow new heart muscle tissue
-         An implant under development at Israel’s MitrAssist that will fix a leaky heart mitral valve.
Recent successful heart operations include:
-         Rebuilding the chest to protect the exposed heart of a baby born without a breastbone.
-         Performing a heart transplant on a 28-year-old Israeli-Arab – the oldest patient at a children’s hospital.
-         Save A Child’s Heart doctors saved the life of a 4-year-old Syrian girl born with only one ventricle.
In medical research:
-         Israeli biotech Cell Cure received a government grant to help develop its macular degeneration treatment.
-         Scientists at the Israel’s Technion have constructed an advanced biological computer.
-         Life Science guru Dr Ido Bachelet demonstrated what Israel’s microscopic robots can do.
In Agro-technology, Israel has been innovating in order to benefit the world
-         Israel’s Volcani Center has developed processes to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for months.
-         Israeli firm Indolive is helping farmers to grow olives in the deserts of western India.
-         Israeli start-up TIPA are expanding production of their environmentally-friendly food packaging.
-         And the Hebrew University’s ran an International Symposium on balancing technical progress with health.
In Water technology:
-         Israel’s Netafim, the pioneer of drip irrigation, won the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award.
-         UK’s Anglia Water has bought an advanced sewage treatment system from Israel’s Mapal
-         23 Israeli companies presented their innovative water products at “Wasser Berlin”
-         IBM Israel announced new software to interpret utility meter readings and sensors and detect water leaks.
-         And the Israeli water authority has opened the Degania Dam to replenish the flow of the Jordan River.
On the energy front:
-         The Israeli government is subsidizing the replacement of electric water heaters to solar powered systems.
-         1.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas has been discovered at the Karish prospect in Israeli territorial waters.
In approximately three weeks time, we will enter a sad period of the Jewish calendar known as “the three weeks”. Jewish tradition says that the last day of the three weeks will one day turn into a festival of celebration and usher in a new age of prosperity and peace.
I can’t wait.
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