The Choice

 The Lord has blessed us with another year. This can be a year of grief or it can be a year of greatness. So far we have had both. The stock market in America had taken a nose dive. There has been an increase in Islamic extremist attacks worldwide. Our navy personal has been photographed and dispersed as propaganda in Iran which is against international law and at the same time that we gave them over 1 billion dollars to use as they see fit. One good thing that happened is that 5 Americans held captive in Iran were released in a prisoner swap. 

So what is in store for us the rest of the year? The choice is up to us. If we would only recognize the giver of blessings is not our governments but is the G-d of creation, the G-d of control, the G-d of compassion. To deny him and his place of authority and supremacy is to spell the doom of that nation.

Moses teaches all of us the promise of G-d. After the people of Israel had wandered in the wilderness and a whole generation died off; they had come to the Jordan river ready to enter into their promised land. (Which by the way is still Israel's promised land this promise has never been rescinded by G-d). Before they go to cross the Jordan Moses gathers the people together to hear his message his plea to them. 

His message was a message of choice. That the Jewish people had a choice to make. He said that he laid before the a message of life or death a message of blessing or cursing. The blessing of God and the giving of life would come if they continued to choose to follow G-d and his words. But if they choose to turn from G-d and choose the ways of the world they would eventually feel the rejection of G-d and the curse of his judgments. And history will speak to the keeping of this promise.

But this choice is not only a one time choice for Israel many hundreds of years ago but is a choice that G-d still gives to us all and to all nations. The choice is simple. Choose to follow G-d and his word and his will and be blessed as a nation or choose to do your own thing and reject G-d's word and his teachings and be prepared to receive the cursing of G-d's judgment.

Again history will attest to this promise. Look at the falling in American society. Ungodliness increases year upon year as more and more we as a nation reject G-d. Atheism is the fastest growing religious group in America today. Next to them is Islam. America is in trouble and unless we as a nation heed Isaiah's warning and repent and come to G-d we are looking at a disastrous future ahead. It may take a few years but it will come if we do not repent as a nation and return to G-d.  We need to heed G-d's words which says: Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Also G-d says: the nation that forgets G-d shall perish

So good year or bad year is up to us. The choice is ours. Let us pray that we would all choose life. Amen!