The Doomsday Clock

 In the years following WWII some of the engineers and scientists who had worked on the Manhattan Project realized the precarious situation the world was in now that we had the ability to completely destroy the whole earth and everyone on it. So in 1947 some of them devised a means of calculating the level of danger this world was in at any particular time. They called it the doomsday clock.

The clock was initially set at 7 minutes till midnight. With midnight being doomsday. Within just 2 years it had dropped to 3 with Russia's first atomic bomb test. By 1953 it had lowered to 2 the lowest point ever when both the US and Russia were testing nuclear bombs at an incessant pace. In 1963 with a partial test ban treaty the clock was reset up to 12 minutes before midnight. Each year it would get closer to doomsday; until in 1983 the clock dropped to 3 minutes till midnight due to the new Pershing missile of the US and the new deployment of cruise missiles in Europe.

In 1991 in thanks to the Strategic Arms Reduction treaty the clock was set to its highest and safest time ever  at 17 minutes from midnight. From that time till today there has been a continual advancing of the clock. As of January of this year the clock stood at the second lowest of all time at 3 minutes till midnight.

With the recent nuclear treaty between some of the major nations of the world and Iran many might believe that the clock will be adjusted back to maybe about 5 minutes till doomsday. But I believe that those who believe that we are safer today because of this agreement are deluding themselves to the terrible outcomes that lay ahead because of the failure of Iran to adhere to this treaty's principles.

Iran has already ignored the statutes of the treaty by test firing last week an ICBM which Iran was prohibited from doing under this agreement. Earlier they had their main general go to Russia to discuss future cooperation in the areas of military arms and a presence in Syria. And if you think that Iran will ever stop breaking the rules in this agreement you are either foolish or naive.

In Syria now we have troops from Russia and from Iran and from Cuba all fighting to keep Assad in power in Syria. They are systematically destroying any resistance against his regime including those who our leadership determined we needed to support in their fight against the murderous dictator. As I had stated in an earlier post that our President would be paralytic in his response to this kind of threat; and he is proving to be such. We have lost all credibility in the region to our friends and to our enemies alike.

While Vladimir Putin is showing his leadership in the region by looking ahead to a time when with Iran and a reunified Syria they will rule the Middle East. This will bring Saudi Arabia to the point of necessity of having nuclear weapons along with others in the  area. Without the presence and backing of the US in the area Israel will be the only true democracy left.

Israel is already being constantly bombed by Hamas rockets. Innocent people are attacked with knives and hatchets and rocks. Israel is being assailed from all sides. And within a few years Iran will have a nuclear weapon. Where do you think the doomsday clock will be set then? And as all of this is happening, I believe within the next five years America will be attacked militarily and economically and socially and will become demoralized and impotent to respond. Our once great economy will be decimated as China takes charge over the world economy. The light of that once great beacon on a hill will go out. Our nation will be reduced to a nation like England who looks back to see what used to be and at what could have been. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the leadership in America that they may see the real consequences of their decisions.

What time is it? The clock is ticking. Be ready!