The Greatest Show on Earth

 The show must go on! John Kerry takes his traveling circus on the road to nearly all the Arab countries in the Middle East trying to drum up support for the President’s Iran Deal. Come one come all! He has spoken or about to speak to Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon and more. Oh but he did not go empty handed. He brought with him bribes in the form of military equipment such as missile defense systems and millions of dollars in aid and hush money.

Many of the leaders of these Arab countries are blaming Israel for all of the problems in Iran and Iraq and Syria; like Israel has any military or social influence in these nations. They claim that Israel is stalling the peace process with the Palestinians. Their peace plans include returning to the pre 1967 borders and the turning over of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. That will never happen. And this has no bearing on Iran and their never ending hatred and destructive hopes and plans they have toward Israel and the United States. Death to the great Satan and death to the little Satan. Death to the U. S. and to Israel.

And the show goes on! Deals and more deals. It’s becoming like a game show. Come on everybody, Let's play, Let’s Make a Bad Deal! Come on down you are the next contestant on the price is wrong! It is a good thing that during Mr, Kerry’s road trip, that Israel is the first on his list of nations to visit. No? The country impacted the most by this deal and they are not included in the discussion? Our one true ally in the region and we treat them like the relative that nobody talks about. We treat Israel as though it was Israel’s fault that Iran is the bastion of terrorism that it is today. We treat Israel as though they are the ones with American blood on their hands.

But Israel plays no part in Washington’s Greatest Show on Earth: the great circus going from town to town. Its ringleader John Kerry is barking out the acts and directing all the performers so that the audience will cheer in approval. Back at home the President basically admits that the Law will  not stop him from bringing this bad deal to his desired conclusion. The rejection of this deal by the Congress and Senate as well as the greater part of the American people means nothing to the President. This deal will be passed with or without the will of the people.

What has happened to our Constitution to our lawful form of governance? It is being usurped by a party that can not distinguish by their name the difference between democrat and socialist. Usurped by a man who has promised to change America and has set forth to do just that. A man driven to change our  constitutional republic into a new socialist society. And the show goes on.      God help us all!