Donald J. Trump and I

Who wouldn’t want to be part of the new Trump administration, working together with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Office (PMO) with a view towards the mutual goal of “strengthening our special relationship?”
Having said that, I would like to offer here a couple personal notes on the results of the miraculous Trump campaign and subsequent victory, to the relief of some 70% of Israeli Jewry.
Firstly, from what I understand, good people like Gov. Mike Huckabee (whom I enjoyed working with on The ARK Report project), former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator Ted Cruz, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, are set to have serious cabinet secretary slots, which will significantly affect US foreign policy in a favourable way towards Israel. These gentlemen are some of my ‘hero’s’ when it comes to standing up for what’s right, whether politically correct or not. These are individuals that have proved themselves time and time again to the small guy and it will be great to see them going in and out of the West Wing in what I see as divine reward. In this way, Mr. Trump plans on continuing to lead his movement and “draining the swamp” (his words) that makes up the present US State Dept. And in good riddance.
Secondly, according to a national study that was conducted on Nov. 15th, public faith in the media is the lowest in 15 years. Why is that? The media is used essentially to attract attention, but unfortunately it was hijacked during the presidential campaign in order to promote one candidate while demoting the other, i.e. – back to back coverage just wasn’t happening. In fact, as I was watching the polling stations close their doors on the East Coast, many of the various liberal-leaning TV channels were still predicting that Hillary Clinton’s victory was a sure thing, and were continuing to defy the clear indications that this was not in tune with reality. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The exception perhaps (as I remember it), was FOX News.
And then, suddenly, the unthinkable happened.
The bubble burst and it became obvious that at some point during the campaign the public seemed to have caught on to what the media was up to. They weren’t to be taken for a ride so fast, and at some point had noticed that Mr. Trump wasn’t just fighting his opponent for the top job, he was fighting against the mainstream media itself. It was as if your average Joe watching his television in rural Ohio realized he was mustered by a powerful personality which was being supported by powerful TV networks, and then finally asked him/herself: “Why does President Obama and Hillary Clinton claim to know, and dictate, what’s best for me, more than I know myself? Why should I let them tell me who I want to be, rather than honour who I am?”
What we now have is a government that is for the people and not for themselves (or having to answer to any one of the Arab Gulf State Democratic campaign donors that demanded over 100,000 Muslim immigrants to enter the USA, amongst other prerequisites).
Now we know that even before the election results had been published, Mr. Trump’s lawyers started to take elite news outlets like CNN, CBS and MSNBC, and even the Gray Lady herself, The New York Times, to task by demanding apologies for defamation and false reporting. In response, they simply laughed in his face. That is, until the night of November 8th where at that point, it became crystal clear that Trump was winning over states like Florida. As I mentioned previous, all of a sudden the tables started turning.
Who is laughing now?
At his victory party in New York, Trump supporters stuck out their middle finger at the press box and told the reporters covering the event that they lost and even to get lost. Overreaction perhaps? I think not. The Media Research Center analyzed the spin of broadcast networks like ABC, CBS and NBC evening news coverage from July 29 through October 20, and found an astonishing 91% of the coverage was in fact hostile to Mr. Trump. Can you now blame the Trump supporters for their reaction? This purposely tainted coverage represents a dangerous corruption of the news media’s role in our system. Political journalism has been discredited, and I’m sure that those perpetrators will get their comeuppance in the form of denying them their monopoly on access to power, as well as ending their stranglehold on politics and culture (and just about everything else). Trump should instead boost the power of the smaller organizations.
My third point is emphasized by means of the Hebrew phrase: ‘kol min hashamayim’ –meaning, everything is from Heaven, i.e., everything is divinely ordained. It is not by chance that this earthquake is happening right now in front of our very eyes. In my opinion, it is God that can be seen as having mercy on those good people who stand for what America was, and is: “In God We Trust.” There is a saying that a good man can’t be elected President. I beg to differ. While Clinton was aloof and full of political clichés, Trump was leading a movement of antidisestablishmentarianism (yes that really is a word!).
Truth be told, Mr. Trump owns the whole train set now. He has the presidency, the House, the Senate and Supreme Court. He has all the tools necessary to carry out what he has promised. And I’m so happy for him. Indeed, everyday American “Deplorables” have now taken back the country.
And may the redemption of the small guy just continue to grow. Amen.
Gov. Mike Huckabee and President-Elect Donald Trump Gov. Mike Huckabee and President-Elect Donald Trump