Ultimate betrayal

Normally I try to stay on topics related to biblical themes, but I just had to enter the political fray on this one since it affects me so profoundly (and also since my recent book has been endorsed by US Presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee).  Having said that, I have to admit that this piece has been by far the hardest to write. Painful to acknowledge the facts as I digest them, and difficult to write them into this article.  The truth is that the betrayal of Israel, at least politically, and those who support her has finally been realized. And don’t think I’m alone in thinking this way. A Pew survey shows a whopping 76% of Israelis already feel threatened by the recent turn of events.

Israel has been betrayed not only by the leaders of five major world powers, but more importantly, by its greatest ally, the US. Perhaps not the American people per se, but certainly the politicians and diplomats that are now in power.  We’re not just talking about a slap in the face, but Israel has been sold down the river straight into the jaws of its arch enemy, to the tune of billions of international dollars. What’s more, the recent nuclear agreement stipulates that Iran is free to do whatever it wants after 10 years, including a lifting of the arms embargo, which will only support its plans for regional domination.  One cannot help to recall the Prophets (Zachariah, Amos) when they say that in the End of Days Israel in general, and Jerusalem in particular, will be isolated amongst the nations and will have to fend for itself against its enemies. I always wondered what unconventional warfare looked like in biblical times. The Ark of the Covenant maybe? (as I suggest in The A.R.K. Report book).  Possibly.  In our times though, we know for sure that unconventional weapons refer to atomic devices of mass destruction, and I must admit that I never thought I’d actually live to see the day when a scenario like this would present itself.  But alas, here we are. Wake up and smell the hummus!

Wow. How did this come to happen right under our noses?  How could we not see the trap as it was being laid?

To begin with, many of the leaders of the world have anti-Semitic tendencies that are brewing underneath, and this week we all saw it coming into play crystal-clear.  Any one of the P5+1 countries could have taken a stand against Iran’s vicious statements of genocidal intent during their negotiations, but like the Holocaust of just 70 years ago, nobody said a word.  One would think that perhaps Germany might take into consideration that signing the treaty might lead to Israel’s destruction. And why not a statement from the UN itself! In fact, at the time of this writing, the UNSC has all but endorsed the deal.  In the meantime, nothing came out of Vienna but silence.  That deafening Silence.

But that’s just it, isn’t it.  In a certain sense, this really is the latest Final Solution that the mullahs have been threatening all along, and these nations know it.  They not only know it, they’re empowering it.  If Israel falls, nobody in that boardroom will be crying.  What they don’t know is that if Israel falls, their country is bound to eventually fall with it.  Not only that, but according to Scripture the West would fall first, and Israel will be the one that survives in the end (what’s called by the Prophets: the final war of Gog and Magog).  Indeed, these leaders are not just playing a lethal game with Israel, they’re being treacherous to their own people!  
The question is, all of this for what?  Oil? (as in Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and the Gulf War). Close. The operative term here is:  Profit.  Profit at Israel’s expense.
On the other side of the world, Iranians are claiming “victory” and literally celebrating in the streets of Tehran, and quite frankly, it’s easy to see why.  They will immediately receive the stupendous amount of about $150 billion in frozen overseas assets as all sanctions are lifted upon implementation of the agreement. That’s truckloads of money, a massive cash jackpot!  And a UN Security Council resolution to act immediately. Upfront. (Obviously, I’m in the wrong business!)  For all intents and purposes, it appears that the deal is simply a bribe to get Iran to adhere to some sort of Western road map vis-à-vis their nuclear program.  In fact (and come to think of it), no other people in the Middle East are dancing, except perhaps in Bashir Assad’s office.  Sure enough, right after the deal was signed (while the ink was still drying), Syria was guaranteed $1 billion in assistance from Iran.  Far from condemning this, firms in the far-East, Europe, and even South Korea are doing the opposite: buying plane tickets to do “exploratory business” with the Islamic Republic.  In effect, Iran is now poised to become another superpower.  In an ironic way, the treaty actually gives the Iranian regime a certain legitimacy to continue their rise in power, along with their nefarious goals to support terrorism, and intent destroy the Jewish State. 
Could this really be what the world powers have agreed to?
The story goes that the P5+1 decided to adopt this treaty with Iran in the hopes that it would ultimately govern their nuclear program and make them somewhat accountable.
 If you actually read through the document though, there are so many concessions made on just about every issue that the whole story seems like some flimsy excuse! But according to President Barack Obama the agreement will have “stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in the region” and further, the deal has “the full backing of the international community.”  The mainstream media, for its part, is touting the deal as an historic arms control agreement.  Other countries like Canada however, aren’t buying it so fast, and have vowed not to lift their sanctions, despite the agreement.  Kudos to you PM Stephen Harper of Canada!
Either way, a fierce Israeli public relations battle with Obama has officially begun, both in public and in Congress.  In the next 60 days, Israel will be embarking upon direct confrontations with the President himself, his (mostly Democratic) supporters, the State Dept., presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton who call the deal “an important step”, the UN, and even liberal, left-wing Jewish groups like J Street, B’tselem, Peace Now, amongst others.  The Israeli goal is to have it shot down by Congressional vote.  Indeed, it’s no coincidence that American Democrats will now have to draw the line and choose between voting for someone like Hillary that will generally continue Obama’s policies, or someone on the Republican side who will take Israel’s side and retract this agreement at the earliest possible moment. Senator Lindsey Graham even called the deal “akin to declaring war on Israel and the Sunni Arabs.”  
But Americans now have a simple choice before them. What will it be: America or Israel?
 Now that (for the first time in nearly 2000 years) the majority of the Jewish People reside in Israel, they will have to choose where their loyalty, and ultimately, their future lies.  The irony is that if the agreement wasn’t so inherently bad, American Jewry wouldn’t have to make that choice as we approach the next election year.  Not going to be a pleasant experience, I’m sure.
As it appears today, to say that Israel has been royally screwed would be an understatement. PM Netanyahu claims that “Israel is not bound by this agreement,” and he categorically rejects it on the basis of “extraordinary concessions.”  No doubt, the Obama administration is already sweet-talking Israeli MK’s and high-ranking military personnel offering compensation packages, loan guarantees and the like, to try and ease the diplomatic pressure that is bound to come to a boiling point in the next month or two.  Netanyahu has even received a personal invitation to visit the White House (West Wing of course). If it were me and I was the Premier, I would take the package, and order that pre-emptive strike on Iran at any rate!
But let’s get away from the international blame game for a moment.
  If we look a little deeper, we will see that this whole insane scenario has been Divinely ordained. It has to be! At the end of the day, we Israelis and Jews all over the world are being forced to look inwards. Decrees like this have a habit of coming out of nowhere, all of a sudden, with nobody to blame but ourselves, i.e. – our own incessant infighting.  Both leader and layman, religious and secular, young and old, are equally responsible.  There is no respect. Without respect there is no unity.  And without unity there is no peace. As such, like the Purim story 2500 years ago, the puzzle pieces are quickly being put into place that puts Israel isolated into a corner with no country from any side to turn to for help.  Quite the contrary actually. All directions are being blocked. All that is, except one. 
Israel’s continued existence against her enemies from every side is a daily miracle straight from God. Literally.  We must collectively acknowledge this fact as it seems we are being forced to turn to Him in our hour of need, which is obviously fast approaching. 
Indeed, the ultimate betrayal of Israel already occurred in the signing of the document, and
no amount of US compensation can ever repair the ties between us.  The whole thing is a chilling reminder of the latent antisemitism that lies just beneath the surface, not just in the UN, but in many of the leaders of these world powers. Unlike Purim though, where the Jews fought and won, unfortunately this time around, a win won’t leave much of any country left!  By the time Iran cheats on this agreement in one of their many hidden nuclear facilities, there will be no time left.  No time for inspections; no time for an emergency UN Security Council meeting; no time for sanctions. And no time to survive the trap that this Treaty has laid (even after a presumed counter-attack).
And in the event that you’re still not convinced of Israel’s ultimate betrayal, look no further than this week’s article as seen on The Washington Free Beacon that quotes a (nameless) US diplomat present after the Vienna meetings: “The United States and its partners have just become the international protectors of the Iranian nuclear program. Instead of rolling back the Iranian nuclear program, we are now legally obligated to help the Iranians build it up and protect it.”
What’s the upshot of all this for you and me?
 First of all, don’t even think of moving back to wherever you came from!  On a strictly pragmatic level, it is now becoming a personal responsibility for each and every one of us in this generation to take whatever steps we can, no matter how minute, to unite Israel, influence foreign opinion, and use these next 60 days to try and stop this Treaty from being carried out.  On another level, we are being forced to strengthen ourselves spiritually in our beliefs and faith in our own personal future, and the future of the State of Israel. Just like over 4200 Hamas missiles fell last year from Gaza and Israelis were miraculously protected from them, so too God will protect His People and His Land, now and forever.