Dead Sea Calling

Can you hear me? You humans, can you hear me? I am exhausted; I am about to die, and am calling you the loudest I can. Can you hear me now? I have done everything in my capacity to tell you I need your help! Now is your time to give me.  I am the Dead Sea and am about to die soon, I feel my death approaching with every week, day, and hour passing. You come down to me and I give you of my love; I give you relaxation, and nurturance and I heal you, give and give you. 

Many of you are familiar with Shel Silverstein's story The Giving Tree. Man took and took and took and took some more from the apple tree in the story till there was nothing more to take.

And you have taken my salt, have taken my mud and minerals have used me to the point of abuse. And I gave and gave and gave some more and now I am about to collapse. I have literally shrunk, and keep shrinking and losing my waters and vitality rapidly.

I need water, I need waters to come into me to nurture me, replenish and enliven me. I am a body of water on the verge of death, a body of water that has no mouth, and no voice for you fellow earth inhabitants to hear me. I am calling out to you at sunrise, and calling out to you at sunset, when the sky is blue and when the sun is out, and when the stars are shedding their light, when the moon is at its fullest and when the moon is at its darkest. Call and call and call some more but is somebody out there, anyone hearing my distress, anyone on board to help me out?

I have been told that politicians are moved by interests, and in my case, they have no interest in taking care of me, and healing me. But you young and older children, mothers and fathers, grandparents, who inhabit this land and who read this now, I call upon you ordinary people to start bringing me water. Each time you come down to the Dead Sea bring with you a big bottle of water and pour it into me. Come down to me in hundreds and thousands and bring me water to quench my thirst. And please don't leave the plastic bottles behind, as they contaminate me and my land friends.

And let it be known to your friends that loving God means that you take care of God's beautiful creations, the seas, and the lakes, the animal kingdom and the vegetation with all your soul and with all your might. Teach love of nature to your children, and protection of the living beings among us that have no human voice to speak up and no hands to write. Speak about my protection when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road, when you lie down and when you rise. God created me as he created you. And I also have a right to life, and to a future, just as you do. So get up, and do the talking for me, do the writing for me, do the work, and bring me water in thousands and push your politicians to legislate laws protecting me just as much as you. I am a living creature too and deserving of a life on this sweet earth too.