The Ninth Circus Overturned 81% Of The Time

After reading the US Ninth Circuit conclusion, they substituted their judgment as to what constitutes a threat to American Security. They avoided in the opinion what the President has the authority to do. They avoid it, and they showed they are political instead of the reading of the law and understanding of the Constitution. Most scholars believe that this is very clearly legal, this is the most left-wing most overturned court in the country. The Governor of Washington State tweeted out “we did go to court, and you lost”. This is political. When Justice Gorsuch is confirmed the EO has a better chance at the Supreme Court. Since the district court does not have clearance and does not understand specific threats the US may face from the seven countries more information will be available.
Protecting Americans is President’s Trumps number one priority it is not banning Muslims. They used his rhetoric during the campaign and Rudy Giuliani saying wanting a Muslim ban on Fox News. This will energize Americans to look at the Ninth Circuit as part of the swamp. The confirmation process for a Supreme Court judge because more important. It is important to remember where this decision came from in the Ninth Circuit and critical to keeping in mind that they have been overturned 81% of the time.  The Executive Order has not created irreparable harm to the people who were delayed in getting back to the University. The fact that these justices did not get into the particulars of the case they used prima facie evidence; they were legislating from the bench. They were challenging the President's judgment for their fight with this Administration. The issue in 9th District Circus is a black and white issue between protecting the homeland and not protecting the nation. President Trump has to take his issues to the American people to be a successful President. He wants to keep us safe from jihadists, and it's  very simple Executive Order and is a measured response.
This again is the New World order where the left decides to attack every move that the center and right make. The founding fathers of this country would be crying at watching these three justices or clowns of the Ninth Circus writing an opinion that is devoid of the values of this, country. In the opinion, they did not rule on Establishment or religious tests because 16% of the Muslim world live in the seven countries. They were smart enough to realize that 16% does not create an Establishment claim. We need to see where this goes and how to get our judicial in sync with their job of interpreting the Constitution about an Executive Order. In Massachusetts, the Superior Court ruled that the court did not have standing on this order. So I believe we need to stop the resist Trump movement to bring the nation together.