MDA – The Israeli Medical Emergency First Responder Whose Mission Is to Save Lives

My daughter Andrea consults for Magen David Adom in Atlanta, Georgia.  Magen David Adom or MDA or מגן דוד אדום is Israel's national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service.  It is Israel's medical emergency first responder.  I recently sent her an e-mail regarding the local MDA unit, and what follows are our e-mail exchanges:

 Hi dear -

On Tuesday on my way to a meeting I went past the local MDA station.  It fronts on Route four, near the library, across from the soccer stadium.

It is a well kept area with three regular ambulances and one "intensive care" vehicle.

I don't know what their mission is or exactly what they do, but with what is going on in Israel today and along our northern borders, I'm glad that they are here.

I just want to tell you how meaningful your work is.




Hi Dad.

Thank you for your email. MDA's mission is to save lives. That's it. They are Israel's emergency medical services and are responsible for 100% of the blood supply to the IDF and 97% to the civilian population. They are mandated to exist by the government but don't get any funding.

Israelis volunteer for them (I think there are over 13,000 volunteers currently) and give some financial support, but the bulk of their funds come from "friends" organizations from around the world. The donations pay for the ambulances, mobile intensive care units and medicycles, but they also pay for maintenance, training, telephones and the more mundane.

They also run the blood center in Tel Aviv. There is a current effort to raise 113 million dollars to build a new one that will be much larger, state of the art and will have underground storage for the blood-crucial as was demonstrated during Operation Protective Edge when rockets were making it to Tel Aviv. They are a great organization-simple mission, absolutely necessary and not mired in any politics (most of the time). I'm happy to help them advance their mission in Atlanta as there really isn't much awareness about what they do and why they need support.

And while they are being kept busy with the awful attacks that have taken place the last few months, they are there for any emergency medical situation including transporting women to the hospital to give birth. So they get to do the happy stuff too.

 I hope you are well Dad.  Thanks again for your email. I love you!