The French Jewish Quandary: What to do, what to do?

On Sunday, Frenchmen went to the polls, the first round of an election process to choose the next President of France.  Two candidates emerged as contenders for the final runoff election scheduled to take place two weeks from now: These are Emmanuel Macron, a centrist liberal and the far-right populist Marine Le Pen.  The election result means that the citizens of France will have to choose between two candidates, who are diametrically opposed to one another. 

Macron, an economist is most concerned about bringing improved economic prosperity to France.  He is pro-European Union. Macron supports an open-door policy toward immigrants and refugees. He has expressed confidence in France's ability to absorb more immigrants.  Macron considers terrorism to be a natural state of affairs, and that Frenchmen should get used to it.  Macron came under fire last October when he criticized Jewish schools that put emphasis on Torah rather than fundamental secular subjects.

Le Pen is opposed to free trade, and favors protectionism, particularly for farmers and fishermen.  She is anti-European Union and globalization.  She would like to see France leave the EU.  Le Pen is certainly against immigration and would be very hard on terrorists.  Her secularism would impact both Muslims and Jews alike.  Her party hosts anti-semites.

So what are French Jews supposed to do?  Simplistically, it is a choice between Macron’s economic prosperity and Le Pen’s promise of security.  There is no question that France is under attack. Since January 2015, Jihadis in France have killed 238 Frenchmen. Since September 2015, Muslims in Israel have murdered 230 Israelis, a similar statistic.  A right wing government in France is a promise of security against Jihadis and radical Islamists.

This raises a question– Should French citizens who are Jews emigrate to Israel?  Two hundred thousand of their fellow countrymen have already done so. The easy answer is no; French citizens who are Jews should not emigrate to Israel. Jews have been living in France for eons; they are truly Frenchmen, and should remain at home; France is their country.

Jews who are Frenchmen do not resemble the Jewish populations of Russia and the Ukraine who have been despised, denigrated and decimated by their governments and their gentile neighbors not only for past eons, but right now today.

The one million Jews from Russia and the Ukraine have come to Israel only for sustenance and survival.  The major reason why the Israeli government has wanted them here is because they are “white” and staunchly Anti-Arab.  Many of them, unfortunately, are “In Name Only” Jews who could not care less for their fellow Israeli Jewish brethren or for this sacred land, but are happy to take handouts from our government and live on the dole. Many, whether they have four Jewish grandparents - real Jews- so to speak - are anti-semites, goyim to the core.

These parasites are only here because they have passed the Eichman Appearance Standard as promulgated in the Law of Return.  In contrast, on arriving here in Israel, French Jews will not experience the same misguided kindness. They will not find jobs, only broken promises and the same degree of terror that their fellow countrymen experience at home.

In my opinion: French Jews Stay in your in your land. 

As for the 200,000 French Jews already in Israel: Go home.  Your country needs you.

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