WHAT IF: Good News and Bad News

 Excerpts from a JP posting by Rabbi Nachman Kahana on March 2, 2016:


The good news is that the trickle of Jews now making Aliyah from the USA is going to grow and grow and grow.

The bad news is: Thank you Antisemitism.

 It is not a surprise to anyone that on college campuses in the USA, Jewish students are harassed, abused and bullied whether it be in regard to a Jew showing his Jewishness by wearing a kippah or protesting against a BDS campaign or for supporting Israel and the like*.

 For Rabbi Kahana the “best” is yet to come.  He addresses the Jewish community in the USA, issuing the following warning: “The organized mistreatment of Jews on the campuses will spread into your work-places, to your streets, to your shuls, to your supermarkets and to your summer homes, until you will have no choice but to come home”.

 In Rabbi Kahana’s opinion “the time for demonstrations, or letters to the authorities appealing for equal rights and protection is quickly passing by.”

 “Among the 5-6 million Jews in the USA today, there is not one who has the courage and the aptitude to do what” his brother did.

 “Were [his brother] alive today he would be organizing response groups on every campus with bats, chains and other methods in real time against any anti-Semitic incidences”.

 Well, the reality is that Meir Kahana, z”l, is no longer with us and his Jewish Defense League in the USA is not up to what, say the JDL in France has been doing.  To no avail American college kids are literally taking a beating.  But on the good side,  we expect to see some of them soon...welcome home.

*A sample:

07/03/16:  The City University of New York (CUNY) will take steps to review recent allegations of anti-Semitism on campus at four of its colleges over the past months, where students reported being attacked by members of the pro-Palestinian group “Students for Justice in Palestine.” 

23/02/16: A Regional Director for the ADL was “appalled” that Jewish students at Vassar felt compelled to hide their Jewish identity out of concern for personal safety.

16/02/16: University of Massachusetts - "People have made jokes about my nose, my major and more. I didn't realize the number of other students who have had similar (and worse) experiences, even from just this past semester."

25/01/16: University of Wisconsin - The meeting was prompted by the taping of swastikas and a picture of Adolf Hitler to the door of a Jewish student's room in Sellery Hall.

24/10/15University of Missouri -  a swastika drawn in feces was found on the wall of a bathroom in a residence hall. And in April 2015, swastikas and anti-Semitic epithets were written in ash in the stairwell of a campus dormitory. A freshman at the university was arrested for the vandalism.

12/06/15: “Anti-Semitism on Campus: A Clear and Present Danger”, Even on campuses that promise “harassment-free” environments, Jewish students who proudly display their Jewish affiliation, including members of Jewish fraternities and Hillels, increasingly find themselves harassed, vilified, and targets of hate attacks.