Nu York, New York: An Odd Dream, Pesach Day Two

Passover is here and it always seems to last longer than it should, at least in my humble opinion. Oy vey, the matzoh is endless.
But my family and I did have two nice seders. The first was particularly enjoyable; my cousin Will and my old friend Cindy joined us and we had spirited singing. And our pet rabbit FooFoo danced around the living room for a while, and our guinea pig Lily ate karpas.
But I had a peculiar dream on Sunday morning, leading into Day Two of Passover, and I just had to share it.
I dreamt that I was with a few people (I did not recognize them) and we met the Pope. We met him on a stairwell somewhere and the other people I was with spoke with him. He wore a hooded robe. Later in the dream I was given the opportunity to see the Pope speak at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City (we go there for baseball games). I filled out a form online and got a free ticket to see the Pope on November 20th. There were other parts to the dream but I recall these best.
I was amused, to say the least, that I dreamt about the Pope during Passover. But yes, it is also Easter, and somehow that filtered into my thoughts so that I had a dream that would make more sense to someone who is Christian. And personally I find Easter a baffling holiday. (I won't go into this here.) But I ended up having a dream about the head of the Roman Catholic religion.
I guess it is not surprising? After all, current events often creep into our dreams. I have had that happen to me at various times throughout my life. And religion is a big part of the early springtime, for millions upon millions of people around the world. But I still find it a bit humorous that I had this vivid dream that links to Easter. 
At shul today, I reflected a few times on this dream I had, but most of the time I was focused on the prayers, the Torah reading, and so on. And along with Emily, another congregant, and some young kids, we sang the closing prayer "Adon Olam" to the tune of the classic American song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." (It works well.) 
These are a few of the things that spring brings us in the United States: religious holidays and baseball. Have you had dreams about them as well?