Tyranny and celebration

People with thinking minds and trembling hearts would find May 14, 2018 a tragic day for mankind when sixty depressed, poor, confused and helpless people were shot dead by the mighty people who, once themselves, were on the same side of history when they were the victims of tyranny. How quickly and easily people forget history? 

For the people with selfish motives, narrow vision and extreme insensitivity, May 14, 2018 was a joyful day when history was made. Prime minister Netanyahu patronized President Trump by calling him the architect of this history. History contains golden pages as well as dark pages. All this celebration and hoopla with US Marines band playing and dignitaries clapping will not go down well in history. Not a single word of sympathy or sorrow was uttered for the sixty people who lost their lives. Instead, same old blame rhetoric was repeated. These were not Hamas leaders who got killed. People cannot be subjugated forever. Tide will turn and it would not be good for the state of Israel.

I am sure there is a large Jewish population who is outraged and disgusted by their government. It is time for them to raise their voices of sanity and justice. Israel has already achieved her objectives. She is a mighty force that cannot be shaken by the stone throwing emotional youngsters. It is mischievous and non-sense to consider them a security threat. Israel can strengthen her existence by showing compassion and applying some justice. It is appalling that the Israeli government is happy to be cozy with the rich and corrupt Arab rulers but would make no effort to win the hearts of the poor Palestinians. Israel’s security lies with the betterment of these poor masses and not with the appeasement of these selfish Arab rulers.

The presence of American Christian Evangelists at the opening ceremony of the American Embassy reflects bigotry and human folly at its peak. One should question these preachers what kind of God they worship. Their derogatory remarks about Jewish people are on the record. All their sins have been washed away by the vested interests. It was the Christians who persecuted Jews throughout history. It was the Christians who were responsible for the Holocaust. Muslims are not the culprits. They are the victims. They were displaced from their lands by force or by their own stupidity and greed. They were misled by their leaders who lacked vision and character. It would be unwise for me to blame others entirely for the misery of the Palestinians. Some of their wounds are self-inflicting.

In the end, poverty, sufferings, lack of education and bulging population of Palestinians are more dangerous for the security of Israel than the Hamas.  There is an opportunity for the Israelis to win the hearts of the ordinary Palestinians. If they sincerely make an effort, organizations like Hamas will die its own death. I sincerely hope that the state of Israel would change her attitude and policies towards Palestinians.