Nokia, Motorola et al.....why why why?

Here it comes, the daily dose of venom. Today, it’s aimed at the cell phone - or rather, at those users of this pernicious device who, whilst themselves being hard of hearing, seem to think that the rest of the world also can't hear a thing - thus they need to shout when talking on their mobile phone. Or maybe, they think that what they have to say is of world shattering significance and the whole world has to share in the revelation?
To be honest, I don't like the mobile phone. Sure it's great in an emergency - car breaks down, need to call an ambulance etc. But do I really need to be accessible to the entire world 24 hours a day? I don't think so! I remember with fond nostalgia those days long gone when the only telephone was a landline device - at home, the office or a public booth. In those far off, long gone days of solitude (it's all relative) when you drove off in your car, went for a walk, got on a bus or a train - you were alone with yourself and fellow travelers. Maybe, just maybe, you struck up a conversation with someone? 
Today? No way! The endless shouting of cell phone users, the myriad, annoying ring tones that constantly puncture the air and my eardrums, put an end to any hope of a peaceful, private journey. 
So, obviously you think - "aha - he doesn’t have a cellphone". Wrong - he does! But, I don't have a hands-free unit in the car! When I'm driving it's the only time when I can be alone. I don't reply to every number that is listed as not having been answered - if it's that important, they'll phone back! Sometimes, though I am ashamed to admit it, I don't even reply to messages left on voice mail - assuming I even remember to check! I often forget to recharge the "thing" (Saving energy I call it - my contribution to global awareness). I have even been known to, dare I say it, turn it off. On occasions, when I get one of those automated calls from a chain store or worse, a politician - the device has been known to fly across the room with great force and impact on the wall before falling to the floor - unfortunately, still alive and functioning.
Wait a minute, how did I get here? Let’s see, this started out as a diatribe against people shouting on the mobile phones and ended up as an all out attack on the device itself. Oh well, that's what comes of being a grumpy old man - by the time I get to the end of a sentence, I can't remember how I started. Have to send myself a reminder on my mobile!