Mahakavi: Neeraj

BARD OF THE NATION! O bard of the nation!
Your magical journey is done;
The caravan has conquered all the hearts, the honour you, winning;
The masses are near, the voice is echoing, the natives all rejoicing,
All eyes eagerly fixed on you, the air gloomy and grim:
But O eyes and ears! Eyes and ears! Ears and eyes!
O the moving breaths of life stopped,
Where on the stature my Mahakavi lies,
Sleeping cold and dead.
O BARD OF THE NATION! O bard of the nation!
Get up and listen to the voices with passion;
Get up- for you, the audience is eager- for you the words trills;
For you garlands and decorated stage- for you the air shrills;
For you they clap, the convincing crowd, their gloomy faces turning dim;
Here Mahakavi! Greatest lyrist!
The voice that mesmerized million with the sound;
Some bad seen that fallen on the stand sans resist,
You are sleeping cold and dead.
O BARD OF THE NATION! O bard of the nation!
The Mahakavi does not sing, his face is pale and no motion;
The national bard does not feel any touch nor has he will or pulse;
The voyage is driven in style and sound, won and stopped the cruise;
From fiery excursion, the winner's vessel reaches in with purpose win;
Take pride, O stage, and audience, O chimes!
But I, with woeful head,
Pace the floor my Bard lies,
Sleeping cold and dead.
Mahakavi: The greatest post or the poets' poet.
Neeraj: Dr.Gopal Das Neeraj, popularly known as Neeraj who died on Thursday, July 19,2018, in Delhi, India. He was the recipient of Padma Bhushan.
Caravan: Group of travellers