Healthy Living

“I have some good news for you, said my doctor, actually it’s good news for both of us!

It seems that chocolates are very good for us, he says, I know this is hardly news and has been said in the past again and again, but now they undertook a very extensive research in England, and they concluded that one must eat chocolates!”

“I have a little piece every evening!” I tell him.

“Well. You may have more than a little piece, you may have quite a lot!”

Wonderful. So my doctor allows me to eat a lot of chocolates, as long as it doesn’t make him fat!


Giving some thought to the subject I come to the conclusion that I am much too concerned about my own nutrition.

Take for instance broccoli. I don’t like broccoli, something which I have in common with one of the Bush presidents, I don’t remember which.

“I hate broccoli, he declared once firmly, and I am the president of the United States and if I don’t want to eat broccoli, I just don’t eat it!”

I myself am the president of a small social circle right here at the Elisha Towers and I hate broccoli too, but…I eat it. Because it’s good for me! I suppose that no broccoli grower would ever vote for a Bush president again, but the members of my own group certainly don’t care about my relationship with broccoli.


If one wants to eat wisely and not need to swallow vitamin pills, one simply has to know what one eats.

So I think to myself: I’ve had some turkey, so I am done with protein, I had two slices of dark bread, ok, so I have eaten my carbohydrate, I’ve had a salad in the morning and I had an apple at 10, is this enough for vitamins? I also did drink 3 glasses of water, or was it 4? Let me have another one just to be sure! No, actually I won’t because I am going out and I don’t always have nice restrooms at my disposal, but what if I become dehydrated?

So, there, I had another glass of water!

OK this should be it for to-day, but wait a moment, what about vitamin C? It’s in the hated broccoli and oranges are out of season now…I hesitatingly open the drawer with the 1000 bottles and here it is! The bottle with the vitamin C pills. I do the right thing and swallow one pill. Then I start to rummage among the bottles. There are quite a lot. This Q10, what is it for? A friend told me I’ve got to take it but I don’t know why! I find the gingko pills and swallow one in order to please my sluggish brain. And then I force myself to close the drawer with all those bottles.


And now comes the greatest surprise. While typing these lines I remember that I haven’t picked up my latest issue of TIME which is probably still waiting at the reception. So I went down and picked up the magazine and to my great astonishment the leading article this week is about nutrition. So am I psychic?

I read the article with great attention, line after line, word after word, and now I must admit that I am not any wiser. I don’t know more than I did before and I could have written a similar entry with the greatest of ease. However, the man who wrote it for TIME is a doctor and probably gets paid for it quite nicely.


Now to get back to healthy living. Of course exercise is a very important part of it.

So again I do the right thing, I visit the gym every day, I do aerobics, I swim and last but not least yoga.

I certainly should have the most well-developed muscles a woman my age could have, but all I got is a bad case of sciatica. How I cope with this one, will be a subject for next week!