Exposing the lies of Israel's haters

"So great is the truth, that even from a lie the truth is evident" (Shmuel Yosef Agnon)
 The Israeli operation in Gaza has ended over a year ago, yet the diplomatic warfare never ends. In fact, for the Anti-Israeli triangle consisting of self-hating Jews organizations, radical leftists and radical Islamists, every operation is just another excuse to launch an all-out propaganda attack against Israel. But what happens when this triangle actually tries to expose their testifiers? What happens when they actually show the truth? Quite the opposite from what you could have expected.

Most recently, the anti-Israeli organization called 'breaking the silence' (in short – BTS) has launched a new campaign of video clips. This time, we are actually seeing former Israeli soldiers speaking in their own voices and faces about their time in the army. As an organization funded by the EU and other European governments such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain (according to NGO Monitor's special review for 2013-2014), one could have expected some professional results, yet that was not the case.
For years now, the vast majority of the Israeli population makes one simple claim against BTS: 'If you have evidence for your stories, why won't you expose the ones who testified? Why do you have to hide under anonymity?  Furthermore, people are asking, 'Why haven't you contacted the Israeli authorities about the atrocities made during your service? Why all this secrecy?'
Now we finally got the answer, and it is very simple: In their eyes, the Israeli activists of BTS were serving in the 'PADF' – 'Palestinian and Animals defense forces'. They simply cannot understand why Israeli soldiers are doing their job to defend the ISRAELI population.
Sounds ridiculous? Well, that is exactly how I felt watching this video by BTS. In the clip, a former Visual intelligence and Surveillance Monitor named Yael Lotan, breaks in tears in front of the camera, explaining how IDF soldiers were shooting a sheep in the Gazan border. She tells a story about how a Gazan shepherd insisted on taking his Flock of Sheep to graze by the border. After crossing the red line, coming too close to the Israeli side of the border, the soldiers shot in the air, but he never went away so they had to shoot one of his sheep.  
Quite a brutal army, right? So, let us get this straight. The Palestinian 'Shepherd' takes his Flock intentionally to the border. Did he not have any other place to take them but there? As a former combat soldier myself, I can tell you that this 'Shepherd tactic' is a common method known to be used to by Hamas and Hezbollah, meant to get some intelligence about the Israeli forces.
How would a normal army respond watching enemies' spies on their border? You are right. They would have fired a warning shot, but if those spies would not have gotten away, other armies would have certainly used force and fire at their legs in order to drive them away. Just a reminder, this is Hamas we are talking about, a Nazi-like organization who is running one of the biggest bases of terror in the world – Gaza.
And what does the Israeli army do in these situations? They do not want to fire at him; they fire at one of his sheep. Instead of the cruelty in BTS's eyes, I see unnecessary mercy shown by the IDF. OF course, if the soldiers had shot the 'Shepherd', Yael Lotan would have said that the IDF has killed an 'innocent civilian'.
Catch 22 par excellence, and it all comes from the twisted perspective of self-hating Jews: They always think about themselves and others, yet they forget about their own people. Their own soldiers.
But BTS were not satisfied with testimonies about sheep. Their European donators surely were not so they uploaded another video. On this clip, a soldier named Nadav Weiman begins by saying that 'there was one time we used one of our detainees as a human shield'. Yet, when further watching the video, he specifically mentions (in 1:00) that 'the detainee was behind me'. This sentence got lost in the English translation. What a coincidence.
After posting this clip on their FB page, BTS got many responses. Most interesting was from this soldiers' commander who practically asked : 'You know that in the IDF, officers always lead the way. You said it yourself: the detainee was behind you, so why do you have to lie?' In his response, Nadav said among other things that 'our disagreement stems from how we read the situation' and concluded with 'I cannot see any reasoning for the Israeli occupation and I will fight it until it ends'.
Now we finally got our answer, and it resembles very much the way Palestinians are speaking about the 'occupation' of 1967, but actually refer to the very establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. You see, Nadav, Yael and other BTS's activists are not fighting for human rights. They are not even fighting for the well-being of the Palestinians, if you ask me.
If that were the case, they would have not dared to lie; they would not have been hiding their names for years; if they truly cared about the Palestinians and actually saw something bad going on, they would have stopped it on the ground or make an official complaint to the IDF. However, as Nadav said, that is not their purpose.
At the end, like other anti-Israeli organizations disguised as 'human rights' organizations, Breaking the Silence is a political organization. As such, they do not care about the truth. Facts are distorted; Problematic sentences are not being translated to English; everything that comes in their path will be used in order to clean their own conscious.
What their actions truly cause for is endangering the very existence of the only Jewish state in the world, by getting the Israeli forces out of Judas and Samaria. They want to do it because they think that there is no place for a Jewish state in the world. In their eyes, as I have previously written about self-hating Jews in Europe 150 years ago, Israel needs to be removed from its Jewish identity. And what threatens them the most? The return of the Jewish people to the home of their fathers. To Judas and Samaria.
 So next time when you encounter one of this vicious clips by breaking the silence, remember: It is not about the 'occupation', neither is it about the Palestinians. It is about a political organization funded by European governments, run by self-hating Jews who are trying to destroy their only state. Do not let them fool you.