Madonna performs Israeli-DJ remix in France

Famous gay Israeli DJ and producer Offer Nissim has uploaded a video of Madonna performing her latest hit "Living For Love"in a remix that he created for her.
The remix, called Offer Nissim Living For Drums, was performed in France on the TV show Le Grand Journal, on March 2, and this time - with no dress malfunctions. Nissim uploaded the video with the caption “Thank you QUEEN M. for using my sounds in your amazing shows.”
This isn’t the first time  the Israeli DJ has cooperated with Madonna. The cooperation between the queen of pop and the king (queen!) of Tel Aviv gay nightlife began almost three years ago, when Nissim was chosen to open for Madonna at her concert in Ramat Gan, which was very successful. Later he was asked by Madonna’s management team to open for her in other locations on her European tour.
At the same time Offer Nissim created three official remixes for songs from Madonna's previous album, MDNA, including "Girls Gone Wild" and "Turn Up The Radio" that became more popular than the original versions of the song.
Earlier this year, Madonna named Ofer Nissim on her own official Facebook page, asking her fans to listen to his remix for her song "Living for Love". “Put on your dancing shoes,” she wrote.
Offer Nissim has been internationally acclaimed over the past two decades in the gay club scene in Israel and around the world. He was ranked #29 of the top 100 best DJ’s in the world according to the popular magazine DJ Mag, and is frequently asked to play gigs  during Pride parades. Nissim is also the one who’s credited for discovering Israeli transgender singing sensation Dana International, and who produced her winning Eurovision song "Diva" in 1998.
Choosing Nissim’s remix for her performance in France might not have been coincidental for Madonna. Last week, in a radio interview, she said that France  'feels like Nazi Germany’” and that " anti-Semitism has reached an all-time high.”
“France was once a country that accepted people of color, a place artists escaped to, whether it was [entertainer] Josephine Baker or [saxophonist] Charlie Parker,” Madonna continued. “It was a country that embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way, shape or form of artistic expression of freedom. Now that's completely gone.”