Boardman Middle School, Youngstown, Ohio


Boardman Middle School, township of Youngstown.

When we just arrived at the school there was a giant welcome sign outside that warmed our hearts. 
We were interviewed to the school TV channel. It was great seeing the young students operating the studio and making everything so professionaly.
After the interview we were introduced to the school classes.
Gali and Tamar were taken to meet many kids and learned a bit about the school. 
The main event was a program with the 7-8 grade students. 
The young students who knew very few about Israel were interested to here more and asked wonderful questions.
The most interesting question that we heared was: "What are your birthdates ?"
We like this question a lot.
That what it is about: to reach for the personal contact, to talk about the smallest and the most important things in life, a birthday. 
By the end of the day we gave an interview to Ashley Luthern of the Youngstown most common newspaper, the Vindicator. 
We want to thank everyone who made this program possible.
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the young people and to answer the interesting questions.
Good luck Jesse and good luck kids. You were great !