Zionist Horizon - The program which makes it all happen

In a critical era for the sake of Israel’s security and sovereignty, we are experiencing a watershed standing in front of us in Iran’s mad character. PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vigorously slammed the current concessions made by the superpowers and Iran and defined it as a very bad deal.

One must not stay indifferent to these actions, and that is exactly where this senior’s program kicks in the right spot. “Zionist Horizon” is an extra curriculum program for students within Israel’s northern region- mainly at Haifa and its surroundings. It recently opened up a branch at the central region with the acceleration and ardent guidance of chairman Ariel Kallner and CEO Israel Shuldiner.

This year’s program gained significant success at enhancing young student’s abilities to take a course of action instead of just complaining about the daily issues surrounding them.

It consists of a weekly lecture being held by a senior lecturer from different places, such as: Dr. David Bukay, a senior Political Science lecturer from the University of Haifa, former ambassador Yoram Ettinger and many others. In addition, the program allows the applicant to participate in different internships at governmental offices, write resolutions and write academic papers as well as taking part in a journalist writing course.

Zionist Horizon also adheres in traveling across the state of Israel and listening to fascinating lectures from professional guides.
A prime example of this program’s massive importance in times of severe BDS and anti-Semitic tendencies in Europe is the academic booklet, called “Palestinians, peace and the attitude towards Israel”. 

This ground breaking booklet was written by two Middle Eastern studies students from the University of Haifa and academically reviewed by Dr. Bukay. 

The booklet was given personally to PM Netanyahu by chairman Kallner and was later translated into English by these lines writer and published world widely towards many officials.

Gradually, I like to state that if you seek a proper way to shape your future and the future of your country, you should sign in for Zionist Horizon’s senior’s program.