Don't Tell Us What To Do, When You Can't Resolve These Issues In Your Own Country!

Don't Tell Us What To Do, When You Can't Resolve These Issues In Your Own Country!

When the Japaneses bombed Pearl Harbor, the US did not go after the pilots that did the bombing, they went after the government that trained them. Punishing those that commit terrorists attacks in Israel will not stop terrorism. Punishing those that incite, inspire, pay, honor and promote these attacks will. Since Obama took office, there has been a least 29 terror attacks on US soil, leaving more than 243 dead, many of these young children. He is not in any position to advise or criticize our response to terrorist attacks on our soil.

Last week US ambassador Dan Shapiro said, “Too many attacks on Palestinians lack a vigorous investigation or response by Israeli authorities, too much vigilantism goes unchecked, and at times there seem to be two standards of adherence to the rule of law, one for Israelis and another for Palestinians.” That same week Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Iran would likely use some money freed by the lifting of sanctions for terrorism”. Obama, no longer considers Israel a strategic ally in the Middle East. His anti-Israel stance is the best gift he could have given terrorism and radical Islam in our region. His withdrawals and neglect of the situation in the Middle East, with the rise of Islamic States and other terror groups over the past seven year, has greatly increased the level of violence, destruction and death toll it has ever seen before this time. The Iranians and their friends are now in control of Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, and much of Bahrain, and have surrounded the oilfields of the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, the US has been forced to close down its embassies in three Arab countries, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Palestinians are aware that under the current circumstances a Palestinian state would sooner or later be controlled by jihadists and Islamic terrorists, whose dream is the destruction of Israel, Europe and the US.

Iran's Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, publicly announces his nuclear goal is to “Wipe Israel off the map, Iran is prepared for the decisive war against the US and the Zionist regime. … Iran has been making plans, conducting maneuvers, and preparing its forces for this battle for years now. If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf, so be it”.

At the climax of the '73 Yom Kippur War, then Israels ambassador to the US, Yitzhak Rabin walked into the White House and warned, if the US does not release the shipment of arms it was holding back to send to Israel, Israel will use its “Nuclear Arsenal' to end the war. In 1993, on the White House Lawn as Israels Prime Minster, he reluctantly shuck Arafat's hand, saying it is “covered with Jewish blood”, but he well understood Oslo would only work under Israels oversight, direction and management. Unfortunately, his life was stolen to know if he was able to make Oslo work. The Yom Kippur War took the lives of some of our 2656 love ones over a 21 day period, Oslo, has taken the lives of over 1560 since its implementation and is still counting. Oslo is worse than the Yom Kippur war, in that war we saw an end in sight, since 1993, Oslo has no end in sight. The Yom Kippur war took no civilian casualties, Oslo has taken the lives of infants, toddlers, pregnant women and entire families over a 23 year period and the sleepless nights, and unrest continues.

Today, the world order lives in denial, and is making its own contribution to humanities collapse. Its policies towards Israels sovereignty and borders, is not going to change Israels position, and will not help the Palestinians. Only their cooperation with Israels government will bring good to the Palestinians, because only Israels leadership is capable of doing so, where as the Palestinian, EU, US and UN leadership is not.

There will only be Peace between Israel and the Palestinians once the delegitimatizion of Israel stops. The capital of any nation is where its national government sits. Israels government sits only in Jerusalem. Get over it world, you already gave Jerusalem its recognition as Israels capital by meeting Israels leaders there. The US having two consulates in Jerusalem, is like the US in the '50's having two bathrooms, one for “Whites and one for Blacks”.


Time is on Israels side, and it is only their adversaries that face isolation, as we see more and more nations looking towards Israel in real friendship. Sudan, is edging closer to normalize relations Israel. Two weeks ago, Sudan cut its diplomatic ties with Iran following an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran. Saudi Arabia as well as other Gulf states has advanced its interest in normalizing ties with Israel, along with covert ties with all other Arab countries. Israels maintains contacts with every nation on the planet. So, the chorus of discontent from the EU, US and third world nations will continue to produce negative results, not in their favor. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's participation in Davos, demonstrates Israels standing as a world leader, an economic powerhouse and a first world nation, as he has said “The world sees Israel as an ally, not an enemy.”

It makes no sense to continue talks with Abbas and Saeb Erekat. The Palestinians deserve better than this. Peace and stability will only come when there is a Palestinian leadership that can bring their people a world of good, work, live and enjoy live with us in a real “Peace”. Since the PLO and Israel signed the Oslo Accords, Israel has been working to help develop a vibrant economy for the Palestinians that provides jobs and supports its infrastructure. Stability in the PA hopefully, will lead to the development of social and democratic institutions. Even during periods of escalated violence against Israel, It continued efforts to improve the lives of the Palestinians. Many of the things Israel does on a daily basis go without public notice, vastly under reported in the media. In order to reduce the level of Palestinian unemployment, Israel has increased the number of permits for Palestinians to work in Israel. Israel provides most the electric supply for both the West Bank and Gaza. Despite owing the Israel Electric Corporation over 662 million shekels, Israel continues to provide electricity to the PA. It is in Israels interest to boost the Palestinian economy. These included developing the Gaza Marine gas field, agriculture industry, projects to exterminate pests, improve soil quality, and increase international trade of Palestinians.

Israel is actively working to support reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip, and building projects for housing, as well as schools, hospitals, clinics, sanitation centers and infrastructure. Each year, some 10,000 patients leave Gaza for medical treatment inside Israel. Israeli doctors have performed free life saving heart operations for 2,300 children since 1995, with almost half of these children coming from the Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Iraq. Recently, many Palestinians have voiced a desire to become citizens of Israel, especially in east Jerusalem. Its growing trend is a result of the failure of the PA , Arab and Islamic countries to help the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. Israel is doing more for these Palestinians than the Palestinian leadership and the entire Arab and Islamic world. The PA is not sustainable it can never develop an economy to support itself. It can never be an independent nation. It receives international aid in the form of loans and grants from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the United Nations Development Program, the United States, the European Union, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and private funding as well. International aid to Palestinians far exceeds all Marshall Plan aid for post WWII Europe, while the Palestinian people are left in despair with no real future prospects, thereby leading to increased frustration, terrorism, and the continued corruption that enriches those in power. Israel continues to show, in word and deed, its commitment to a brighter future for their Palestinian Arab neighbors. We need to give these people autonomy, to run their own lives with a Palestinian leadership, committed to its people, as much as we are to ours.

Just who does these so called world leaders that are labeling our products and making threats against us think they are talking to? All of them are well below our league. Israel, is a wealthy nation with far reaching humanitarian efforts that go unmatched, sending aid to Europe for its refugees, food aid to Vanuatu and Myanmar, following tropical cyclones that lost 70% of its crops, aid to Kosovo refugees, medical aid to Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Central America, India and Russia. It has sent aid to Madagascar, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Indonesia, and Philippines following, storms, tsunami floods, hurricanes and mudslides with medical, agricultural and disaster relief. It sent South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Ethiopia medical training and supplies, to fight Ebola, and other medical diseases. In Taiwan, it has donated skin graft to 400 victims of a water park explosion. It sent aid to Haiti, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tajikistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan for its earthquake victims. It has sent Iraq, Uzbekistan, Albania, Kyrgyzstan winter items for its refugee camps. In Vietnam it performed operations on hundreds of children who suffer from cleft palate and lip. Ethiopia, Angola, Zanzibar, Uganda, Moldova, Tanzania, the Palestinian Authority and Iraq, all brought to Israel patients to undergo life saving heart surgery. It sent Japan medical assistance, for children programs and tsunami relief. In Maldive, Israeli surgeons operate on patients with eye problems. In Kenya it completed construction of a hospital emergency room and medical training. During Hurricane Katrina in the US, Israel shipped 80 tons of food, disposable diapers, beds, blankets, generators and additional equipment for its hurricane victims.

So, just what is it the “International Community” believes it can do for us, that we cannot do for ourselves? At all costs we must stop their incitement and involvement against us. We must put these issues to rest. This cannot go on forever. We can do it, on our own and without anybody's help. The Palestinians, only want what the Arabs in Israel have.