It Was Okay To Relocate The Hasemites, Than It Should Be Okay To Relocate The Palestinians!

It Was Okay To Relocate The Hashemites, Than It Should Be Okay To Relocate The Palestinians!

Why would the Hashemites give up living in the land they were so deeply family rooted, in heritage, culture, religion and the custodian of Islams two most holy sites, Mecca and Medina, for a life ruling subjects that are not theirs, in a land so distant from them, so poor, smaller, and less resourceful? The Hejaz, which the Hashemites rules over, an area of 96,500 square miles, with a coast line along the Red Sea of 2140 miles, whereas Jordan is 34,495 square miles with a coast line of a few hundred feet. Can they hate the Jews that much that they are willing to give this all up, just to sit in an area such as the east bank of Palestine, for no other reason, but to make sure the Jews cannot claim it?

Why are they not demanding to be returned to the Hejaz?

The Hashemites have proven that they can continue to live in a remote area away from their beloved land they were forced to leave when conquered. It proves the Palestinians can also be relocated to a remote area as the Hashemites have, they share the same fate. The Hashemites lost much, while a relocation for the Palestinians would only be a gain, not a loss.

For every reason the International Community is demanding Israel set aside land for the Palestinians, is as good enough reason, world leaders should be seeking the return of the Hashemite Royal family to the Hejaz.

This is the least the World War l allied powers can do for the family of the Hashemite leader, Hussein ibn Ali Hashimi, King of the Hejaz, Sharif and Emir of Mecca. Britain promised him support for Arab independence. For that promise, Hussein proclaimed the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, helping Britain and France win the war.

The British appealed to Hussein ibn Ali for assistance in the war on the side of Britain, France and Russia. Britain. They assured him that his assistance would be rewarded with an Arab empire encompassing the entire span between Egypt and Persia, an Arab nation that included the Hejaz and other adjacent territories as well as approval for the proclamation of an Arab Caliphate of Islam. Afterwards, Great Britain failed to fulfill its promises and betrayed Arab nationalists by dividing the middle east between allies. As a concession Britain awarded Hussein's son, Abdallah The Kingdom of Transjordan.

The Ottomans recognized Hashemite rule as they were appointed Emir of Mecca by, Sultan Abdul Hamid ll. Hussein's son, Abdullah, served in the Ottoman parliament till shortly after the outbreak of the revolt.

The Hashemite royal family ruled Mecca continuously from the 10th century until its conquest by the House of Saud in 1924. Their eponymous ancestor is the great grandfather of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. The Hashemites trace their ancestry as far back as Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, 464-497, the families founding patriarch.

After World War l, Hussein refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles in protest of the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of the British mandate in Palestine. He later refused to sign the Anglo Hashemite Treaty and when the Ottoman Empire was abolished. Hussein proclaimed himself Caliph of all Muslims. That claim to that title ousted him. His family was driven out of Arabia by the Saudis. Abdulaziz ibn Saud defeated Hussein in 1924, but Hussein continued to use the title of Caliph when living in Transjordan.

Under the terms of the 1922 Partition, Transjordan was to be part of an Arab state, a confederation of Arab states. The Partition called for an Arab state and a Jewish national home, with separate boundaries and administrative regimes in the sub districts of historical Palestine west of the Jordan River for a Jewish homeland and Transjordan, east of the Jordan River. At this point in time, after 94 years, if it cannot be worked out, lets start all over again with the 1920 Palestine mandate boundaries that claims only a Jewish state within its boundaries. Should anybody object, let them take it to the Knesset.

In March 1921, Britain endorsed an arrangement whereby Transjordan would be added to the Palestine mandate, with Abdullah as the emir under the authority of the High Commissioner, and with the condition that the Jewish National Home provisions of the Palestine mandate would not apply there. The mandate at San Remo did not include Transjordan. This was done out of context of the British mandate. The British Foreign Minister decided that Transjordan would remain independent, and that it would not form part of the Jewish national home that was to be established west of the River Jordan.

Britain confirmed their position, the independence of Transjordan stating that, the clauses of the Palestine Mandate relating to the establishment of a Jewish national home were, with the approval of the League of Nations, never applied in Transjordan. His Majesty's Government have therefore never considered themselves under any obligation to apply them there. Abdullah's was appointed Emir of Transjordan in April 1921 by Britain.

Oslo, after 23 years failed to bring results to any of the parties. The Hashemites gave up and sacrificed much when they moved to establish the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Palestinians, have only to gain, with relocation. The Hashemite royal family relocation, resolved a spat between them and the House of Saud. The Palestinian relocation outside Israels borders, will resolve also such a spat. It will give the Palestinians more land, make it sustainable, free to declare there own statehood, and most of all “Peace between the Palestinians and the Jews”!