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The car taking Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, head of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, was struck Friday, Christmas Day, in Bethlehem by rocks thrown and iron bars hurled at his car by Palestinian rioters as he drove out of Bethlehem after celebrating Christmas Mass. None of the passengers in the patriarch’s vehicle was injured, but his car sustained damage. Clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian demonstrators erupted following his departure from the city.


There will be decisive and important decisions regarding all forms of ties with the occupation, including security and political relations,” says, PLO's Saeb Erekat. The Palestinian Authority is expected to discuss the future of its relations with Israel. Abbas says, “It is no longer useful to waste time in negotiations for the sake of negotiations, what is required is an international efforts to oversee an end to the occupation, Until then, I call upon the UN to provide international protection for the Palestinian people in accordance with international humanitarian law.” In other words, he wants the International Community to replace Israels government with his and rename Israel Palestine.


Representatives of major Palestinian Arab organizations call for a continuation of the current wave of terror against Israel, noting that "the assassinations of Palestinians in the streets amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity". The goal is to achieve "freedom, independence, securing the right of return of all refugees, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem and sovereignty". The Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorist organization last week praised the current terror wave. Abbas’ Fatah party is mulling resuming its participation in armed attacks on Israelis, also.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, offered his personal apology to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas earlier this week, after IDF troops engaged in a tense standoff with Abbas personal security detail just outside his home in Ramallah, during a nighttime arrest raid. The security of Abbas started arguing, and after a few minutes, IDF soldiers understood, they took a different route to make the arrest. Saeb Erekat, fumed over the incident, as It was a despicable act. “They ordered Abu Mazen's guards to disappear, they were practically in his garden, approaching his house just to tell him we're here, as if he needs to be reminded.” There was no violence, just shouting and pushing. Why was an apology needed? Shouldn't Abbas assist and cooperate with the IDF in this arrest? Just what is the Oslo Accord about? The story claims that the Palestinians were enraged by what they viewed as Israel’s “utter disregard” of their sovereignty over the area, a domain of the Palestinian Authority in accordance with the 1993 Oslo Accords.


The PA is an authority, it is not a sovereignty or an independent nation. The definition of authority is, the power to give orders, make decisions, right to direct, control someone or something, who is respected and obeyed by people, to influence, command thought, opinion, behavior, and administer public enterprise. It is not sovereignty, or a nation, it is an authority. The PA operates within Israel's borders, as set forth under International law. If there are those that cannot bring themselves to recognize this, than no law, treaty or agreement has any value, including UN, US, EU resolutions and policies. If Israels legitimacy cannot be honored, than no agreement, treaty or law is binding, including the Oslo Accord.


Israel is accomplice to this crime. It permits PLO incitement that leads to murder and destruction. We have only ourselves to blame, after all, we allowed the PLO, not only to enter Israel, but gave them entire communities to govern, to use as a base to kill us. We place signs at the entrance of these community's that Jews and Israels are at risk for their lives should the enter. We left Gaza to Hamas, to establish launching pads to kill us. We released terrorists from our prisons, only to allow them to continue killing us. We entertain the establishment of a Palestinian state, that wants to replace Israel's government with that of the PLO. We freeze housing construction, which brings doubt that maybe these places just may not be part of Israel. We accommodate the International Community, that wants to redefine our borders again and again. We fail to protect both Jew and Arab from violent acts and murder. So, why should we be surprised by this current unrest and murders when we gave them everything they need to kill us? Don't we have enough cause and justification not to continue our relationship with Abbas and the PLO? The most basic feature of Abbas is, his eagerness to endorse violence. We saw this set in the clearest terms just over a year ago, when Abbas set the release of murderers as a precondition for negotiations. How many love ones will have to die, before Abbas and the PLO are removed?


When Israel complied, Abbas welcomed these killers home as heroes, and called them so explicitly. Standing before a celebrating welcome crowd of cheers and smiles, Abbas held up the hand of a man who at the age of 19 tied up and shot two Hebrew University students whose only crime was to go on a hike. Abbas has named squares, streets, parks after the terrorists, and pays them salaries.


Palestinians deserve better than this. I refuse to believe that there are no Palestinian business, civic, and religious leaders that can bring their people a world of good, that share our values, that will work, live and enjoy life with us in a real “Peace”, that will replace Abbas and the PLO. In the event, if there is no such thing, hire an International renowned civic management cartel to oversee the PA. We will win the opinion of the International Community when we start improving their lives, bringing democracy and democratic leadership to the PA, replacing Abbas and the PLO.


It is so sad, to see 3 and 4 year olds who are being denied the opportunity of having a life, indoctrinated, and brainwashed. Little boys spend their days throwing stones, instead of in school. The big moral question for all of us is, how can we let this happen? Hamas, human rights abuses includes, security forces killing, torturing, arbitrarily detaining, and harassing opponents, launching rockets at civilians from civilian areas, poor prison conditions and public executions without trial, limiting the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, religion, and movement, abuse of women and children, discrimination based on sexual orientation, and forced labor, including by children. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, dealt in great detail on the serious human rights violations of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority against their own people. Widespread cases of arbitrary detention, torture and ill treatment. Many detainees were subjected to stress position for extended periods of time and sleep deprivation, with their heads covered for up to a few weeks.


The Palestinian Authority frequently arrests Palestinians and journalists for work deemed to be critical of the PA. Palestinians are arrested for distributing political leaflets, branding this action as criminal. Arrests are made on a number of peaceful demonstrations using excessive or unnecessary force, some resulting in deaths,as well as arbitrary detention, torture and ill treatment of detainees, including detainees linked to political opposition groups. There are widespread cases of violence against women, including “honor killings,” and dozens of cases of gender-based killings. The PA’s security forces have encouraged young Palestinians, to cripple and murder Jews, and offered them protection against Israeli soldiers. The PA security forces prevent Israeli soldiers from pursuing rock throwers. If the PA protects terrorists, then what kind of state will they have, and how can they be a peaceful neighbor? Israelis are always in hot pursuit of Palestinian would be murderers, when the terrorists cross back into PA held territory, the Palestinian police should have arrested them, instead, the police turned against the Israelis, screaming and threatening them as they expel the Israelis from the area. Abbas holds some three billion dollars in assists. The world’s largest recipient of international aid. He is doing very well without a state. Why would he want one? If the PA protects terrorists, then what kind of state will they have, and how can they be a peaceful neighbor? Why do we continue to talk to them?


When leaders of the PA portray a cold-blooded killer of children as a hero, this is their justification for ongoing terror attacks against Israeli civilians. They are not our partners in peace and should not be governing the PA. Abbas boasts, “We meet today in the presence of the martyr Kuntar, to honor a martyr in the name of all the Palestinian people, and to assure him and anyone who fought for Palestine that they will stay present in all of our lives, we will not forget your sacrifices, we’ll proudly tell all the generations to come about you and how Kantar rubbed the occupier’s nose in dirt”. Kuntar, spent 30 years in an Israeli prison for slaughtering a man and his four-year-old daughter in Nahariyah in 1979, first shooting the father, then bashing in the little girl’s head with the butt of his rifle. Meanwhile, her mother was hiding in a closet with the couple’s other child, a two-year old, whom she tragically suffocated to death while hiding from Kuntar. Kuntar. He was released in an Israel-Hezbollah prisoner swap in 2008. Abbas’ Fatah party is mulling resuming its participation in armed attacks on Israelis. Abbas and the PLO maintain a long list of human rights violations, violation of the Oslo Accords, has failed to show any willingness to want to live in “Peace” with Israel, are killing our people, as well as his, gives us every reason to remove him from the PA. We will never see a day of “Peace” until we do just that.