Just saying......!


You cannot have a state, if you cannot pay your electric bill. You have to be of some value, purpose and take your place in this world for the betterment of mankind to merit your existence in the International community. You must improve the lives, protect and provide for the peoples you are to serve. You are not an independent state,

if you depend on donor nations. If you depend on other states to fund you, you are subjugate, enslaved by your beneficiaries, thus not free and Independent. If you cannot be sustainable than you cannot be an Independent state.


We have entertained the establishment of a Palestinian state. We allowed the PLO, not only to enter into Israel, but gave them entire communities to govern. We place signs at the entrance of these community's that keep Jews and Israels out of these communities, to uphold their state status. We left Gaza, but allow them to come into Israel to take jobs so they can support themselves, their families and to receive health care that is not available in Gaza. There is an opportunity to resolve this situation. We alone, without anybody's help can put this issue to rest, giving us everlasting peace and security, so desperately needed. Palestinians deserve better than the PLO and Hamas. I refuse to believe that there are no Palestinian business, civic and religious leaders that can bring their people a world of good, share our values, work, live and enjoy life with us in a real “Peace”.


It is hard to debate progressives when they make parallels that are not relevant. It reveals less about their thinking, knowledge, expertise, more about who they hate and detest. The “Settlements” improves the lives of Arabs. This is where they are employed, base their commerce, gain their education, obtain human and health services. Many people from Gaza, come into Israel seeking employment. They depend on Israel for electricity, gas and heath care, just to name a few. Do world leaders actually believe that life under Hamas, PLO and Abbas is better than the life they have had under Israel's military administration since 1967? What Israel provided for them after 1967 was a vast improvement than they had experienced under Jordanian rule before 1967. Only a return to Israeli law in the PA areas would give the Arabs living there the same rights and privileges that Israeli Arabs have, the highest per capita income, literacy rate, life expectancy, standard of living and complete freedom, that cannot be found in any Arab nation. Life under Abbas and Hamas is a very high price world leaders ask Palestinians to pay. It's time for us to enter the “Post Oslo Era” without the PLO, inviting global industry to set up shop here, assist in the reconstruction, of new schools, hospitals, housing, roads, electricity, shopping centers throughout the PA. All of which would improve Arab life, their economy, advance Jewish Arab relations, trust, bond and most of all make their living sustainable. Arabs of Gaza, Judea and Sumeria including the UNRWA camps can improve their lives under Israel's direction as autonomous communities, where they would control their own lives, responsible for their own affairs, and electing their own government. What the post World War ll Marshall plan did for Germany, Italy and Japan, the world body can do for our Arab communities today. Doing this, Israel would see more investors and tourists, from those that stayed away believing Israel is not a safe place to leave their money and visit us.