Zionism Where Europe and the US Benefits......

Zionism, Where Europe and the US Benefits........


In the US, one is either Italian, Irish, Greek, Polish or Jewish. In Europe, one is either French, British, German Russian or Jewish. So, Jews are an accepted nationality, where Zionism is the goal of returning Jews to their homeland of their nationality.

Zionism bought economic stability, quality of life, agriculture, rid malaria and other diseases and bought a western standard of living to the region. It provided jobs and improved the lives of Arabs. From 1860 on, Jews had invested millions of dollars buying land and establishing industry, communities and farms in Palestine. In 1896 Herzl went to Constantinople talking to the Ottoman sultan about obtaining Palestine as an independent country for the Jews. Something you would think Europe would welcome and help the Jews obtain. Herzl, met with international and business leaders in a bid to establish Jewish communities in Palestine. He met with German Emperor Wilhelm II with a plan to set up German business and manufacturing plants in Palestine, in which German Jews would work, at a faction of the cost that it would be in Germany. The plan would straighten the German economy at home. Herzl presented his proposal to the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, the Jews would pay the Turkish foreign debt, pay it taxes, build industry, provide farms, communities, employ locals, establish international trade and help regulate Turkish finances in return for Palestine as a Jewish homeland under Turkish rule. From 1901 on, Herzl met with Europe's leaders presenting Zionism as an enterprise, allowing their Jewish population to leave for Palestine and establishing European industry in Palestine, where Jews will work in plants, manufacture and produce goods cheaper, resulting in higher profit margins than it would in Europe, a benefit to Europe. At the time Israel declared its independence it was already a sustainable “Industrialized Nation”, seeking investors, not donors, trading with Europe and the US.

Today, there are murders and mass killings throughout the US and EU on a daily basis, so just how can we possibly believe they can be of any help to us? They can't. In order for Peace talks to succeed the “Quartet” cannot be involved. As long as the US, EU and Abbas continues to threaten us, incite murder and violence, they are not part of the solution, they are the problem. They do not serve our interests or the Palestinians. Israel and Israel alone can put this issue to rest and give the Palestinians the quality of life and independence they deserve. The International Community has not honored and upheld agreements they had signed onto in the past on these issues that define our borders and sovereignty, so why would any agreement they broker have any value for us or the Palestinians? We alone can bring the Palestinian people a world of good, provide them leadership that will work, live and enjoy life with us in a real “Peace” . All the US and the EU has bought to our region is despair.

Settlements are not the issue, and they are legal. The more “Settlements” we build and expand, the closer we get to achieving an everlasting peace with our Arab neighbors. The “Settlements”, is our front line for coming to a peaceful understanding between us and our Arab neighbors. Every community throughout Israel, is a settlement built by Jewish refugees. I like to share with you the lives these refugees made for themselves and their off springs. Why would anybody disapprove of settlements, they employ Arabs, school them in university's, take care of their health needs, and provide them with human services, just to name a few? The settlements is the catalyst for Arabs to be able to work, live and enjoy life with us together in a real “Peace”. If all those critics of settlements want to improve the lives of Arabs that work and live in these areas, they would be advocating "Global Industry" to set up shop there, not boycotting their work place. Do world leaders actually believe that life under Hamas, PLO and Abbas is better than the life they had under Israel's military administration since 1967? What Israel provided for them after 1967 was a vast improvement than they had experienced under Jordanian rule before 1967. The only humane solution to the Jewish Arab issue on this is, to demand that the International Community honor the 1922 partition, it is law. With that we can apply Israeli law to these areas, and give the Arabs living there the same rights and privileges that Israeli Arabs have.

Give the Palestinians jobs, improve their lives, replace Abbas and Hamas with workable leadership that will give them no reason to continue their war against the Jews. The incitement, violence and terrorism that is preached to them, can be exchanged to preaching peace. Palestinians do not want any part of what is going on in the Arab world today. So, peace with them is possible.

Arabs are integrated into the fabric of Israeli society, as mechanics, corporate officers, serve in the IDF, the courts, pharmacists and doctors, there is no reason this can be said for the Palestinians who become Israeli citizens of a their own autonomous state. No Palestinian wants to live in a Palestinian State ruled by Abbas and Hamas as it is being promoted by the international community. There is a growing realization among Palestinians that Israel is indeed a safer haven for them than anywhere in the Muslim Arab world.
Iran is building an international terror network, training, funding and arming emissaries that includes sleeper cells that are stockpiling arms, intelligence and operatives, in order to strike on command in places including Europe and the U.S. Iran aims to destabilize the Middle East and other parts of the world. Tehran is the anchor of a "dangerous axis" that includes Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Gaza, West Bank, Sanaa and other cities in the region.

A Mideast that is willing to help stabilize the region will find a partner in Israel, including Gulf states. Many of which are strongly opposed to, and are threatened by, Iran's goals for geopolitical expansion and its support for terrorism. Hazem Khairat Cairo’s senior emissary to Israel, this week said, he is very happy and very proud to be in Israel and that he hopes that his presence here will bring about a situation in which the friendship between the Jewish people and the Arab people in general, and between the countries of the region, will be such that we can live in peace. He said, we must take responsibility for the benefit of those who live in this region, and to bring prosperity, justice, hope and equality. Arabs want to discuss ways to promote better education, improved health-care facilities, social equality and better infrastructure. Sounds very different from what the US and the EU are saying. That is why we must exclude them from our talks with our Arab neighbors.

The day the Arab Spring erupted, Israel became invisible in the Arab media. Arabs are too preoccupied with so many issues plaguing their own lands. Arab leaders used the Palestinian issue to portray themselves as heroes. Now, the Arab media is drawing comparisons between the devastation caused during wars with Israel and the current regional scenario particularly the events taking place in Syria, a country whose own people are bent on its destruction. In the past, there were talks about Palestinian refugees, now they are dealing with a new wave of refugees emanating from Syria and other parts of the region. The Arab media now has no time or space to talk about Israel and to raise the issue of Palestine or Palestinians.

The US and EU will make sure the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians does not get resolved. They want to have something to offer the Arabs in return for cooperation. It is entirely possible that the Arab states can be used to pressure Palestinians to be serious about making peace with Israel, because the absence of peace brings no benefits, where peace will improve the lives of the Palestinians and the Arabs as a whole in the region. Israel’s relations with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are improving. Israel is filling the gap for them where world powers cannot not. Our Arab neighbors are starting to understand that the US and EU ability is limited to bring peace to the area, when all they can do is say, it is the settlements that is preventing peace. The French have been announcing that if progress isn’t made in the peace talks, the Israeli side will be held responsible and the Palestinian side will be rewarded. The Arab world has heard this since the 1920 British mandate has gone into effect. The Arabs understand this is the French position in the conflict, because there is nothing else they can bring to the table that world bring the two sides to accept a “Peace” deal. Hamas control of Gaza and Abbas control of areas of the West Bank is acceptable to the EU and US, it is not a choice Palestinians would make to live there, if they can live a life like that of the Arabs in Israel. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has for years refused to negotiate with Israelis. He is not a “Peace” partner.