A Stroll In The Garden of Humanity

The word humanity means, inter alia, compassion, brotherly love, fraternity, and feeling for a fellow human being.
Sadly, the human species often forgets its humanity and more often than not it needs to be reminded of this characteristic value.
In Boca Raton, Florida, there is a well-known gallery named Gallery 22, owned by the artist, sculpture and Jewelry designer Yaacov Heller. Mr. Heller was commissioned by the owner of the property where his gallery is nestled to create a story about Humanity. Through quotes, marked on benches, inscriptions on plaques, statues and charming garden design, Mr. Heller has created ‘The Garden of Humanity’, which teaches the visitor a lesson to take to heart and to never forget.
 Yaacov Heller
The Garden of Humanity Plaque
 The Garden of Humanity Path
Anne Frank wrote: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”
Anne Frank's Humanity
The Holocaust brought about the saying “Never Again” yet, in The Garden of Humanity, which is dealing with the 20th century atrocities, from bench to bench you are reminded of the Genocides that took place, regardless of the meaning of Never Again, to mention, the Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Ukraine genocides and if we move to the 21st century, it is the Syria Genocide on rampage today. And the world remains silence.
George Bush's "Never Again" 
 European's Genocide
 Armenia Genocide
Rwanda Genocide

On the white benches, positioned on either side of the garden stretch straight path, the etched meaningful quotations are about the long arduous task to implement tolerance and compassion, appreciation, respect, love, lifting others in order to lift oneself, speaking kind words, counting your blessing and to never be silent in the face of evil.
uman diversity and Tolerance Bench
 In The Garden of Humanity Benched on either side of the path
 Mother Teresa: kind words are eternal
 Tolerance means respect of others
At one end of the path there is a gazebo shaped building dedicated to the ignored by the world Armenian Genocide of the early 20th century.
 Armenian Genocide
Star of David on the tomb of Armenia Grand Prince of 1261AD
 Magen David-Star of David in Armenia
The garden center piece, a tall Magen David-Star of David eternal flame stake, is dedicated to remind the world of all of the 20th century genocides.
 The Eternal Flame
The other side of the garden path ends with the statue of the artist’s artistic expression of humanity.
Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Gandhi's Bench
Today the world aches to see a real change for the better.
Imagination brings innovation, imagination, brought me, the write, to found C.H.I.P (Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program), in order to help bring about the change we all wish to see in our world.
A visit to The Garden of Humanity will give you a reason to reflect and a reason to help improve your life as well as the life of many others.
 The Garden of Humanity from one end to the other