In The Middle East, Genocide of Christians Fighting to Maintain their Faith

A reminder to an apathetic world.

First they came for the Jews, the Saturday people, then they came for the Christians, the Sunday people.

The ethnic cleaning of Christians in the Middle East by Godless Islamo-Nazis.

The Faithkeepers, Be Your Brothers’ Keeper, a documentary produced by Clarion Project, is a story hardly told but well documented. Some faces in this docufilm were made obscure and names changed to protect the identity of those bearing witness. The docuflim is an attestation to the fight of the Middle East Christians to remain Christians. It is a wake-up call to the western world that lost the ability to connect the dots, whether it is because of its apathy or carelessness.

The disappearance of Christians from the Middle East phenomenon is an ongoing happening in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and other remoter places in the Middle East where Christians managed to exist.

In 1915 Christians made 20% of the Middle East population; in 2018 they are 4% of the population. Many were killed, others fled for their lives to refuge. It is called ethnic cleansing, it is the official definition of genocide.

In Arabic the word ‘suraye’ refers to the academic-speaking Christians, the descendants of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian empires that existed in Mesopotamia.

From time immemorial Muslims forced their religions on others by ugly and bloody means. Today, they are doing the very same wherever they have managed to put their foothold. If the American Nation is not careful, Muslims will find the open window to impose their religion in America and cause ethnic disturbance as they do in Europe. And we have been witness to such episodes already.

Watching this docufilm one realizes how pathetically apathetic the world has become.

Genocide-Muslims killing Christians in the Middle East

The American nation is made up of optimists and it bleeds from the floor after the fact as it was in Pearl Harbor and 9/11. This must be prevented.

At time, persecution strengthens one’s faith and one’s religion prevails against the many odds.

What the Muslim hate the most are the infidels, the people who are not Muslims and they drive them away from their home or kill them.

Time to put out the Islamo-fascist fire phenomenon or it will spread like wild fire with no end in sight.

A painful story that I, a Jewess, is all so well familiar with.

All so very sad!