International Bow of Strings Named Keshet Eilon

In Hebrew the word keshet means a bow. It also means a rainbow. When you see the colorful rainbow in the sky, it is as if it starts in one side of the globe and ends on the other side. The word ‘Keshet’ in Hebrew also correlates to the bow, made of a thin ribbon of horse hairs which stretched between the two ends of the bow, which shakes the strings of the string instrument to create its sound, the sound that turns to be music. That is from where the name Keshet is derived. Eilon is a Kibbutz in north-west Israel. Together we get to know Keshet Eilon.

 String-fiddle instruments

When you get to know what they do at Keshet Eilon, you will see a rainbow of sounds, created by young musicians, carried out across the world.

Founded in 1990, close to Israel border with Lebanon, Keshet Eilon Music Center creates an opportunity and inspires outstanding, gifted young string instruments’ players and many of the Center’s alumni have gone to become renowned soloists, playing with international orchestras, as well as music teachers in prominent music conservatories and universities. The Center’s pride is its ‘Summer International String Mastercourse’, led by internationally renowned faculty; the course is dedicated to nurture, train and promote aspiring young musicians, mainly fiddle players, whether from Israel or around the world, seeking to receive the highest level of musical education.

Music brings joy

Music is a powerful communication tool that can reach people deeper than what words alone can ever do. Music can break through language barriers and speaks to all people.

Children love music and if a child has an ear for music, devotion to playing an instrument can help him or her in studies and sports activities and bring positive effects into his or her life.

Music is a gift from God that has the power to opens doors; people who are musically gifted should discover their gift and use the power of the talent they were given.

Music fills the heart with joy and that joy Daniel and Tsipi Mani chose to bring again to their palatial home in Beverly Hills. Recently, in a second year event, the Manis' invited Keshet Eilon members to perform to a room full of enthusiasts.

 Itzhak Rashkovsky Music Director, Gilad Sheba Managing Director, Itzick Sharir Chairman of the Board, Daniel Mani host, Mrs. Raya Strauss-Bendror Center’s esteemed patron, Tsipi Mani host, Betty Grinstein Reshet Capital, Nitza Avidan Director of Financial Operations and violinist Leih Zhu-photo Yehuda Vision

 Leia Zhu 12-year-old violinist with pianist Rustan Rahmedov and Itzhak Rashkovsky Center Music Director

Listen to Paganini La Campanella by Leia Zhu

This year, Leia Zhu, 12-year-old violinist, Keshet Eilon alumna from Britain, Nir Rom Nagy, a violainist, Keshet Eilon alumnus from Israel, Leonid Baranov, violinist, Keshet Eilon alumnus from Russia and Rustam Rahmedov, pianist from Turkmenistan, currently a member of the Keshet Eilon faculty performed with distinction.

 Quartet-L-Itzhak Rashkovsky Music Director, Leia Zhu, violinist, Leonid Baranov violinist, Nir Rom Nagy violanist
 Itzhak Rashkovsky Music Director, Leia Zhu 12-year-old violinist, the writer

The Keshet Eilon Music Center is an ongoing undertaking.  With the fame it continues to acquire for the excellent work it does and its growing number of students come greater needs. Continuous support for the Keshet Eilon Center will create a larger music rainbow its sound will resonate much louder around the world.

In Keshet Eilon they use the language of music to create a harmonious musical bow that connects people and brings to light one aspect of the State of Israel’s music culture.

Join the list of Keshet Eilon supporters with joy.