My say: Jews are labeled/marginalized who else if not the Europeans?!

 The European Union (EU) scumbags has passed a law to label any goods produced in East Jerusalem, Judea, Samarian and the Golan in order to dissuade people from buying these goods and thus promoting the BDS movement, and put pressure on Israel to "return" these territories to the Arab squatters and thieves.

Labeling Jewish settlement products is a political and ideological move by European officials and NGOs to impose the EU's will on the Israeli public.

Labeling products from Judea and Samaria and the Golan is the first step of boycotting all of Israel; it is pure anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitism is ingrained in the Europeans’ blood.

While there are over 200 disputed areas in the world, as they always did and do, the Europeans go after the Jews because, for one reason, all other disputed area produce ZERO; another reason, the Europeans simply cannot let the Jews have one day of peace from their anti-Semitic plague.

I suggest to the Europeans to least complicate their anti-Semitism, wrapped in all kind of political and ideological politically correct excuses and label each product made by Israel, no matter where in Israel, with the 'JUDE' yellow label and be done with it, anti-Semites, Jew killers.

Anti-Semitism Yellow Badge

And to all my readers, in extension, DO NOT buy European produces, that means no Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, French perfumes, etc., there are good substitutes to all these European products and if not, we will make the substitutes, a good opportunity for moral entrepreneurial efforts.

People, at most times, are not driven by political when buying food, rather price. In fact few are so stupid, rabid Nazi type ready to pay higher prices for abysmal quality than what the Jews offer them.

From the BBC: Israeli produces in Judea and Samaria (YESHA) the Medjool Dates, selling in London at 80 Shekels a kilo ($20.00). Israeli avocados sell in Holland at 1.50 Euro each ($1.60). In Israel same Majdhul dates sell for 30 Shekels a kilo ($7.70); avocado at 7 shekels a kilo ($1.87).

  Medjool Dates

The British can always buy dates from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc., and run to doctors because these produce, in many incidents, are infested with all kinds of pestilences.

For a month Israel's tomato supply was low so Israel imported tomatoes from Spain and imported Spanish and other origin tomatoes that came infested with viruses and had to be destroyed.

Israel will sell its great quality and well-priced products big time no matter what the EU decree is. The Europeans want to eat and many are fed up with the Brussel's EU behemoth bureaucracy and politics which does not represent them.


Start a campaign to have all products made in Israel, including products sold to the Islamo-Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza LABELED as follows:

“MADE IN Jerusalem, Yehuda, 

Israeli wine store takes European wine off shelves