The hate merchants in incompetent Gaza

We have been seeing herds of Gazans chaotically conglomerate along Israel’s security fence with Gaza, tire burning, yelling hatred slogans, lose their posture, try cut the fence, damage is surveillance equipment, or climb it; any method, to make the Israeli security forces react , goes. Even sending fire bomb balloons and kites, the Gazans latest Gazan warfare tools.

In the past two months of extensive ‘peaceful protests’ along Israel’s security fence, with the Gazans sending fire bombs kites and balloons, they caused the burning of an Israeli most valuable nature reserve and caused a huge harm to Israel’s honey industry. None of their protests were peaceful.


Gaza "peaceful protest"

In 2005, Ariel Sharon and Israel’s government surrendered the Gaza Strip to the Arabs, without preconditions. It was a heartbreaking expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif.

The Israeli-Jews’ lush and productive farms, which provided produce to millions of people, the state of the art irrigation technology, and modern and updated gardening tools and equipment were purchased by two Jewish American philanthropists, for $14 million, for the local Arabs to use and produce, after the Israelis left the area.

Gaza Israeli Gush Katif community flowers farm
Gaza Gush Katif homes
Gaza Israeli bulldozers destroy Gush Katif Homes
Gaza Gush Katif before and after

In response to their claim for “independence,” the Arabs destroyed all the farms and equipment left behind, fully paid for, and the red tiled-roof lovely homes in which Jews lived for three decades, all rendered useless as soon as the Israelis vacated. And Gaza was taken over by terrorists who drove the population into hate Israel indoctrination, chaos, shortages of all and dismal conditions. Furthermore, rockets began to be launched and fired, and continue ever since, into Israeli population centers, as far as Tel Aviv.

For 12 centuries, since its Muslim conquest, conditions in Gaza have been brutal. In the bookLand of Dust: Palestine at the Turn of the Century” by the late Middle East Scholar Saul S. Friedman, the author describes Gaza:

“Gaza itself, the city of Samson’s torment, proved to be a place of straggling and mean appearance, where 35,000 residents lived in the meanest and most sordid way…The people lived in squalid hovels…their veiled women drew water from brackish wells. And many of the adult males supported themselves by theft or smuggling to the bazaars of Jerusalem.

Samson's last act

It is relevant to note that it is very clear now the Gazans like to live the way they do, past and present. If not, they would have not elected terrorists – Hamas - to rule over them and would have lifted off the yoke of suffering in which they exist in the many opportunities they could have had. I guess the pathetic living conditions of the Gazans is in their genes and choice and has nothing to do with their outcry for help.

Hundreds of trucks bring, daily, supply to Gaza from Israel which Hamas misuses

The outcry for ‘help’ we hear from Gaza means twofold:

1/ to put the onus of the ‘Gazan suffering’ on Israel and thus dehumanize and delegitimize Israel, and

2/ for Hamas to get world’s attention, and funds, so they can use these funds to smuggle arms into the Strip, with which they can attack Israel.

Do not cry for thy Gaza.