The Palestinian Authority Steals Children’s Innocence

 The Palestinian Authority (PA), is human rights criminal.

Itamar Marcus, the founder of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) is in Los Angeles and his work of exposing the Palestinian Authority (PA) for what it is, is notable and impeccable.

 Itamar Marcus-photo Nurit Greenger

At the home of Avrille Krom in Beverly Hills California, Itamar gave a presentation which he also gives to members of the government of Israel, foreign governments, community leaders, students and the public at large. Unless you watch it with your own eyes and you hear what comes out of the PA you will have a difficult time to conceive how toxic this entity is.

These days there is a war going on in Israel in which Arab-Palestinians, mostly youths, attack Jews with knives, fire bombs and rocks.

One needs to ask, what makes a 16 year old boy to wake up in the morning and go out of his home to try kill a Jew?

The answer is, vile indoctrination.

The PA indoctrination method #1: through the sports. Sports can be a peace builder but not for the PA. Through the sports, when naming sport tournament, like soccer, after a Jew-killer, the PA teaches Arab-Palestinians youth that to kill a Jew is heroic. The PA also warns its people that competing in the sports with the Zionists is a punishable crime.

The PA indoctrination method #2: telling its people that there is no legitimacy to any part of all of the state of Israel, not only referring to a part of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. The PA official national message is denying Israel’s existence and also denying the humanity of Jews and their right to exist.

The PA indoctrination method #3: twisting the writing in the Qur’an, which is anti-paganism and turn it to be anti-Jews. It is using Islam to deny Israel and Jews the right to be.

The PA indoctrination method #4: just like the Nazis’ message, the PA message is, Jews are the cause of all the troubles and the problems in the world. They do not have the right to live.

The PA indoctrination method #5: by the PA standard, anyone who killed a Jew is admired, honored and heftily rewarded, that includes admiring and honoring Hitler.

The PA incubates violence against Jews and upon a call, violence against Israel and Jews bursts among its people.

Nowadays, the world is busy with issues that do not concern the PA. Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the PA, needed to get the PA conflict with Israel back into the political limelight and the newspapers’ pages, with the hope that the international community will put pressure on Israel to take unspecified action from which the PA may benefit. So he incited his already brainwashed people to go kill Jews.


Mahmoud Abbas is tricky. He does not call for intifada, which is organized terror and is considered a crime. He mildens his call; he calls for popular uprising, which sounds legit for the international community, conveniently ignoring the fact that the very same “popular uprising” is intifada.

PA Indoctrination & Incitement
  PA Indoctrination & Incitement
  PA Indoctrination & Incitement
  PA Indoctrination & Incitement

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) was established in 1996, just after the Oslo Accords were signed. It is an Israeli research institute, funded by private donations, that studies the Arab-Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority, through its media, schoolbooks and general conduct and behavior. PMW’s major focus is on the messages that the Arab-Palestinian leaders, from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, send to the population through the broad range of institutions and infrastructures they control.

You want to help Israel to erase its negative image in the world, contact PMW, get the presentation, study it and then you have in your hands the best tool to go on the offense and prove to the world who is the villain in the Israel-Arab conflict equation.

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When the world calls to end the PA incitement, your answer is, end the PA indoctrination of the Arab-Palestinian toddlers and youths. It is a crime against humanity and child abuse.